contravenes the constitution and must be totally unacceptable to the membership. The committee is apparently unaware that a constitution exists.

Furthermore the committee – or more specifically certain members of the committee are currently courting very unwelcome (and needless) publicity because of arrogant and pig headed intransigence over the Stars of ’79 fiasco – something which WAS ENTIRELY OF THEIR OWN MAKING, AND WILL NOT GO AWAY.


Mortonjag has made it perfectly clear that this travesty of justice is heading straight for a tabloid exposure – warts and all- unless certain gentlemen get real and get real real quick! That is a statement of fact.

That’s the nasty bit over for today, and now for some good news. Mortonjag has now seen that much vaunted publication – the Trust Newsletter.  Mortonjag of course has not received his copy but this little chap is always at hand in times of need!

It is attractively presented, neatly laid out, easy to read, and well illustrated. The fact that it is utterly meaningless until the Stars farce is fixed should not detract from the hard endeavour which has clearly gone into the production.

Well done chaps -now get working on the three eejits who have been dragging you to destruction from day one! There is still time -JUST! 


Mortonjag’s blog entry this morning is very serious, and is specifically for the attention of Paul Gill and his fellows on the Trust Committee. There are no photographs, irony, sarcasm, or ‘smileys’, and everything is said with absolute sincerity.

Yesterday Paul used an event totally unconnected with Mortonjag in an attempt to censor this blog. That is perhaps understandable when Mortonjag has been so brutally critical of the Trust Committee, but Mortonjag does not blog by choice. It is his only means of voicing opinion and of asking questions of the Trust Committee – specifically regarding their handling of the ‘Stars of ’79’ business. For that reason Mortonjag will continue to exercise his right to freedom of speech through this medium until dialogue is again entertained.

The background to all of this is well known by those who care for the Trust, including a number of fellow members who regularly correspond with Mortonjag. The blog was born because Mortonjag was banned from, something which was done in an attempt to silence him regarding the ‘Stars of ’79’ business. 

Several weeks ago and by mutual agreement, mention of the Trust Committee disappeared from the blog while ‘negotiations’ were taking place. Those ‘negotiations’ were sanctioned by the current Chairman, Stuart Duncan, and facilitated by Paul Gill.  Mortonjag made it crystal clear at the time that he was not acting for any individual – that he simply wanted the matter concluded and justice seen to be done – for the benefit of the Trust.

After multiple emails and several telephone conversations, lengthy face to face discussions finally took place between Mortonjag and two separate Committee members. During and after those meetings information was provided for the Trust Committee on a bona fide basis, that being the explicit understanding that the ‘Stars of ’79 business’ would finally be ‘sorted from within’, allowing everyone to move on.

At a subsequent Committee meeting the information was examined as were several points and questions put in writing by Mortonjag. An email had been sent to the new Committee members immediately prior to the meeting in which Mortonjag explained his stance in frank detail, expressing serious reservations about the future of the Trust unless certain matters were addressed urgently.

Immediately thereafter  Mortonjag was informed officially that no further communication was invited. The Committee had  ‘examined all of the evidence’. They were united on the  handling of the ‘Stars of ’79’ issue and agreed on the way ahead. 

No satisfactory explanation was given for the unheralded ‘silence’ except a claim that potential legal action prevented dialogue. NO LEGAL PROCEEDINGS BY EITHER ‘SIDE’ WERE CURRENT AT THE TIME OF THAT MEETING.

Mortonjag is firmly of the opinion that exactly the opposite should have applied – certainly if the Committee had any intention whatsoever of reaching an early settlement. Bizarrely, having suggested that ‘all of the evidence had been seen’ BEFORE coming to their decision the final sentence appeared somewhat contradictory:

If you believe that you have firm evidence to refute the board’s position it would be in everyone’s interest if that could be made available for our further consideration’.

That  came across as arrogant, dismissive, and frivolous, given that communication had already been severed. The new members had apparently embraced the philosophy of their predecessors.

Meanwhile Paul Gill intimated that ‘he would not be returning emails or ‘phone calls’, and it was made clear that any correspondence to any Committee member had to be be copied to all of the others. 

Faced with an impasse, and persuaded that the ‘negotiations’ had been nothing other than a shameless abuse of  trust, Mortonjag was forced to revert to blogging. 

To date there has been no response to the points and questions put to the Committee as a member, in good faith, and on the very clear understanding that ‘matters would be sorted from within’.

As there is an apparently unexplained deficit in the Trust’s accounts which Mortonjag had asked to be addressed at that meeting, Mortonjag wrote to the Committee requesting details of the latest annual return. The rules clearly specify that that MUST be provided on request Two letters have been delivered. Neither has  been acknowledged. Meanwhile a warning has been received from the Secretary, indicating that Mortonjag may be expelled from membership at the forthcoming A.G.M. for allegedly making ‘detrimental comments about the Trust on his blog and on’. 

It is abundantly clear that the Trust cannot move forward until the ‘Stars of ’79 business’ is finalised. The ‘current relaunch’- albeit well intended – is surely doomed while legal actions real and threatened are ongoing.

In terms of litigation members should understand that the Trust Committee set the ball in motion. All subsequent legal intervention has been a direct result of Trust Committee actions/inaction.

Yesterday Paul Gill brought things to a head with his specific request to Mortonjag to modify the blog. Mortonjag has always been happy to entertain mediation but ‘it takes two to tango’. 

Accordingly, and for the second time, Mortonjag offers to assist the Committee in an attempt to resolve the ‘Stars of ’79’ issue. That must inevitably involve dialogue.

A sincere invitation is extended to each member of the Trust Committee (and indeed to the Committee as a whole) to communicate with Mortonjag as soon as possible. Any realistic suggestion aimed at bringing the matter to an early conclusion will be treated with respect and in absolute confidence. Because of ongoing damage to the Trust while things remains unresolved, Mortonjag considers this matter urgent and his offer will expire at midnight on 28th July.

Hopefully the ‘Stars of ’79’ issue need not go all the way to a penalty shoot out!


John Black has sheepishly obeyed Paul Gill – the man whose beady eyes are fixed on the Chairman’s seat! Black has subserviently closed the GMST forum on – within hours of Gill’s bidding!
During  the last seven months that forum on Bell’s Comic has unashamedly been used as a TRUST COMMITTE PROPAGANDA PLATFORM. That has been plain for all to see. The TRUST COMMITTEE’s propaganda has now dried up, and as paranoid Gill interprets all questions of the TRUST COMMITTEE as ‘attacks’ it just had to go!

Bizarrely, ordinary poster ‘Barbarossa’ asked for the very same action some weeks ago. Like Mortonjag he has never understood the co – existence of a dedicated Trust website and a forum on the fans’ message board- but Black told him to ‘shut it’. Black loves telling people to do things – normally in monosyllables!
Anyway, Mortonjag congratulates Johnny Boy for now doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons, and hopefully there will no longer be any of the sort of shameless nonsense which gets folk into trouble with the law! The list below is FAR from exhaustive!

ton5saints1 edited  Jan 31 2010, 12:44 AM

The truth will eventually out and rest assured I will do all in my power to get the Trust members money back…….. yes it is all very sad, but no-one is going to get away with stealing members money. It is such a shame that this has blackened such a great night, but unfortunately money was stolen and that really is the bottom line.

 Jan 31 2010, 03:04 PMPost #28 

MJ – this will be my last post on the matter. It is a personal statement.
I am 100% confident that I have the evidence required to get the trust members money back from one individual.
I have prepared a full report on the matter which will be published at the appropriate time.
I had kept away from the topic due to all the rumour, innuendo, guesswork while I worked away in the background to get to the whole truth of the matter, especially in the circumstances of there being a lack of a papertrail.
I have not sat idly by – I have done my utmost to make a thorough investigation as has been practically possible based on the experience of my former employment.
In the fullness of time ALL THE FACTS pertaining to the missing money will be published and there for all to see.
In my position of being a Trust Board member I am duty bound to to protect shareholders money, but even at that, as an individual I will not stand by and do nothing when members money has been misapropriated.  
As I have said, I will post the FACTS of the matter at the appropriate time for everyone to see. And I will repeat, I am 100% confident in getting the Trust members money back. 


Stuart Duncan  Jan 31 2010, 05:03 PMPost #56 

Try new glasses!!
I can answer that and it will also be my last post on the subject. I have a detailed account of all moneys paid into the Trust account and all monies paid out of the Trust account for the event. And a very clear paper trail with both cheque stubs and pay in book stubs backed up by Trust bank account statements from the BOS.
There is a very clear deficit of £1600 for the event.
BTW I agree with Danny summation given he has also made enquiries of people the police didn’t talk to.

 Stuart Duncan: ‘Couldn’t disagree with you more Ian. Its was always our intention to fully investigate further, after the police decided not to act, before taking legal advice. Its just taken us longer than we thought to get to everyone we wanted to speak to. But we are confident of getting a result one way or another. It may even once more become the subject of a police investigation’. 
se65an May 9 2010, 12:19 PM  Post 11

More than 30secs have lapsed and no reply…

I wonder why.

Was it something to do with your robbing mate of 30 years?

  se65an  May 9 2010, 12:38 PM  Post #21
Question again for you, are you happy someone stole from the Trust? 2nd time I asked
 se65an  Post #30 
OK here is my response to you and to you…….
Jim Gallacher stole money from the Trust. 
 se65an May 9 2010, 03:58 PM Post #48
Another question is, what do you feel about thiefs? Is it ok to rob from a Morton Trust?
 se65an  12:20 PMPost #22 
Ok, I note you have friends you say and mention that alot. One of them is a robbing git who steals from charities, so I think I will listen to people I trust.

se65an Today, 01:43 PMPost #178 

Now in my mind this makes you out to be a thief 

se65an Today, 02:32 PMPost #229 
….Your a snake, scum, theif and you don’y care the impact you have on others.

‘jan65ton’ ‘Apr 18 2010, 10:33 AM’  (Janice Donnelly)

‘see if you were regretful an said sorry at first when u were caught …. 
….ure nothing but a nasty piece of s*** the word is poison thats what u are. ure sunk willowman bye for ever i hope’ xx 


So am a ‘chameleon'( to big a word for me) yet you believe the word of a thief. 





‘… he asked for the truth to come out, it came out and he did not like what he was told’.
Above is a statement made today on which is used by the Trust Committee as a propaganda platform. 

It was made by Paul Gill, the honest, open, and transparent heir apparent to Dunco’s big chair, and it refers to Mortonjag – a name which must not be mentioned  on that rag yet appears several times each day! Gill loves telling folks what to do, and will make a superb Chairman of a democratic organisation!

The statement is almost correct, as Mortonjag DID ask for the truth to come out, and Mortonjag did NOT like what he was told.  After going to inordinate lengths in an attempt to bring the ‘Stars farce’ to a sensible conclusion, Mortonjag was genuinely disappointed when he was told to ‘go away’ because the Committee agreed that J.G. ‘might have a case to answer’. Strangely enough, that is EXACTLY what his lawyer says of them – MINUS THE ‘MIGHT’!

Paul Gill is confused – perhaps not  deliberately lying, as Trust Committee members are above that sort of thing – but confused just the same. 

GILL CLAIMS THAT THE TRUTH CAME OUT and goes on to suggest that Mortonjag was upset by that!

Here is the truth:

The Newbie Committee members toed the party line at Stuart Duncan’s behest. They were persuaded that the ‘reputation of the Trust’ must be protected, and meekly doffed their caps! A united body of ‘men’ which REFUSES TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE COMMITTEE AND THE TRUST, so much so that they are now attempting to expel Mortonjag for ‘harming the Trust’! Mortonjag cannot hold a candle to their corporate finesse in that respect!

Here is the truth:

The Trust COMMITTEE’S lawyer was asked almost a month ago to explain an apparent deficit in ticket income which appeared to lie at ‘Doors’ door. To date there has been no response from the COMMITTEE’S lawyer.. Mortonjag asked the same question of the Committee. To date there has been no response to that nor to any of the carefully documented points and questions Mortonjag has put to the Committee.

Here is the truth:

The Trust Committee does not know which way to turn. They cannot produce a shred of evidence of theft by Mr Gallacher. They have been warning of Civil action for almost SIX MONTHS. The minimum cost to the Membership would be £3,000. They have NEVER mentioned that!
Here is the truth:
The Trust Committee continues to make things very hard on itself, apparently oblivious to the fact that the ordinary membership is not fooled by their shenanigans. Justice will be done and will be seen to be done. It is only a matter of time.


Here, for the benefit of those of convenient mind and memory, AND FOR THE FORTY ODD ADDITIONAL PAID UP TRUST MEMBERS WORLDWIDE are a couple of little aide-memoires:

GMST Website Jan 30th 2010

 The police probe into the events surrounding the Stars of ’79 event has been dropped. They have completed their investigation and said no one would be prosecuted.
The Supporters’ Trust are extrememly disappointed, given the information we supplied to the police, that no action is being taken.
Chairman Stuart Duncan said:

“We are extremely dissapointed the Stars of ’79 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1600. The Supporters’ Trust may pursue a civil action to recover money and items which are still due to them.” 



QUOTE (Danny Goodwin) 31st January 2010 on



QUOTE(mortonjag) 31st January 20120

‘Did the Trust authorise or instruct h payments in order to avoid having to pay VAT Mr Duncan?
As always, when the Trust is asked questions the ‘heid bummers’ retreat into their little cocoon. Can you confirm whether or not the Trust will be pursuing a civil action against Mr. Gallacher, and does the Trust endorse its representative’s allegations that Mr Gallacher stole money?’
REPLY(Stuart Duncan)

‘Try new glasses!!

I can answer that and it will also be my last post on the subject. I have a detailed account of all moneys paid into the Trust account and all monies paid out of the Trust account for the event. And a very clear paper trail with both cheque stubs and pay in book stubs backed up by Trust bank account   statements from the BOS.

There is a very clear deficit of £1600 for the event.

BTW I agree with Danny’s summation given he has also made enquiries of people the police didn’t talk to.’

QUOTE(Barbarossa) May 9 2010
‘I’m sure you know we have defamation laws in the UK, and to publicy state an individual is responsible for theft could end up in court.’

REPLY (Sean Donnelly) May 9th 2010

‘Answer for you.

Jim Gallacher stole money from the Trust.

Now please let your snake of a mate know that, I welcome any court action, infact I put on here on record for all to see, 

 I ask Jim Gallacher to take me to court. No seriously please do.’




 Today, 12:28 PM
Post #121

GMFC Supporter

Group: Fun Patrol
Posts: 32,907
Joined: 30-May 09
Member No.: 17,013


Stealing the money is one thing and should not be over looked.

What I really, really can’t understand, is that, once caught, you have not done the decent thing and repaid the money, but you choosed to drag the Trust, Danny, Stuart and myself through the mud.

You have played a game with your own mates and caused a few to fall out with each other over this.

You have lied to me constantly even when I asked you not to and tell me the truth.

I backed you to the hilt, until I realised you where taking me for a mug, and lying to me as well as the Trust.

I begged you to do the right thing, but you flung that back in my face and started rumours that it was me that stole the money. From there it all starts on here.  

Jim, I tell you now, I want this to go to court 100%, as the truth will all come out. And despite what your so called mates do to stop it will go to court.

The so called love letter you are about to send me is meaningless, I want this all to come out, warts and all.

It has went to far, you have played a terrible game with your own mates, me being one.

And that is the biggest point I will never get over, you have done the dirty on your mate. That Jim is the lowest you can go.

For once Mortonjag is lost for words.







post Today, 01:15 PM
Post #24


Ask what you want in the right place.  
Don’t cross the lines of decency or legality.
Don’t make unsubstantiated allegations.
Facts are always welcome.
if you see something that you don’t like, report it.

SO – Mortonjag reported to the ‘even handed’ Mr Bell, a sustained campaign of personal defamation instituted by Donnelly and perpetrated largely by his Puppet MacVicar. They repeatedly claimed that Mortonjag had been ‘struck off’ the Medical register. They did so because Mortonjag was asking questions of the Trust Committee’s role in the Stars of ’79 farce – 
something of which Bell was FULLY aware.
In good faith Mortonjag reported the matter to Benito.
His reply:


Normal rules apply here … if someone

posts something that you don’t like the

look of report it. The mods will then

review the content when they are able


…….I entirely agree that suggesting you

have been struck off is particularly

isagreeable to you, but it is a football f

orum full of banter and argument. 

You have and will continue to have the same protection as other forum posts within the spirit of the rules. If you engage in banter you should be prepared to receive banter’.

Mortonjag concludes that allegations of
serious professional misconduct and of
having been ‘Struck off’ could not
possibly be construed as ‘banter’ by
anyone other than Bell who already had a
history of banning Mortonjag for what
was PLAINLY banter – a decision he was
forced to reverse when sane people
objected. Bell’s opportunity to destroy his
message board nemesis arrived when the
distasteful MacVicar – who  only today
posted this on Bell’s rag – 

‘Has Mr Newall decided to give up any hope of being a doctor’- published a private letter indicating possible legal action.


banned Mortonjag!

The matter has not gone away. It rests with Mortonjag’s legal team pending the resolution of a more pressing matter – also currently ‘sub – judice’.