When Danny Goodwin heard of an apparent deficit in the ‘Stars of ‘79’ income he ‘went mental’. 

He and inseparable buddy ‘Special Constable No. 9’ Andy Morrison had been ‘working their baws off’ for six months to produce a DVD while pestering the life out of Sean Donnelly and Jim Gallacher lest any of the former’s precious ‘ground rules’ be broken. 
Mercifully a few were, or that night WOULD have generated a loss! 
Income from DVD sales was deliberately excluded from the event’s takings and diverted straight into the ill fated Youth Academy coffers. There has never been any explanation for that!
It seems bizarre that on the evening a ‘£5 a head’ raffle allegedly raked in almost 60% more than identically priced DVD’s. Even more bizarre is Accountant Nick  Robinson’s signed statement of the raffle income. ‘Auld Nick’ wasn’t there! He has presumed to rely on Chairman Duncan’s version of events which conflicts totally with evidence gathered by Mortonjag from several sources.
That apparent ‘Stars’ deficit left ‘Grass’ Goodwin fuming – smoke coming from more than the usual orifices as ‘he nursed his wrath to keep it warm’, and in no time at all ‘Mr. Plod’ had assumed command of something which was none of his immediate business. 
The normally bullish and pig headed ‘Dunco’ appeared to have no control over the greetin’ faced ex cop – that explained by their joint petted lip over ‘lost’ income for the ill fated  Academy!  The ‘likely lads’ were expecting £5,000 from a ‘not for profit’ event in addition to DVD income which was quietly being salted away!
With Sean Donnelly the co-organiser of the event lying twenty miles away on a hospital bed it was impossible to ‘tie up the loose ends’ yet bumptious ‘prosecutor’ Goodwin rapidly and mercilessly embarked on a course of harassment, persecution, and intimidation which led to Jim Gallacher’s resignation from the Trust Board, and treatment for stress.
Here’s an excerpt from one of ‘umpteen’ emails held on file by J.G.’s solicitors:
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 22:15:53 +0000
Well Jim,
I think I have now been fully justified in questioning the income and expenditure for the above event…….
…..we are custodians of the Trusts money….. we should therefore be acting in a professional manner when entrusted with club funds.
So I will not be thanking you in saving the Trust money, in fact I will be looking for you to provide invoices from ALL creditors in order that Gordon has all necessary vat receipts to provide a full income and expenditure sheet.
Our accounts are scrutinised year on year by our auditors hence cheques are the Trust standard practice for ALL payments to third parties, with authorised signatories registerred with the bank. You had no authorisation to pay cash in hand to anyone, in fact I’m at a loss as to why such an underhand method of payment would even be contemplated’.
 ‘Our accounts are scrutinised year on year by our auditors’
 Commendable stuff, but Mr. Plod was presumably unaware that the Trust had already been fined twice (by the F.S.A.) for bad accounting practices, and it’s common knowledge that the finances were ‘a pig’s breakfast’ before Nick Robinson came on board.
 ‘You had no authorisation to pay cash in hand to anyone, in fact I’m at a loss as to why such an underhand method of payment would even be contemplated’….What a PLANK!

How could Goodwin possibly have been unaware of the fact that ‘SUCH AN UNDERHAND METHOD OF PAYMENT’ had already been fully authorized by ‘partner in crime’ Duncan – and that the speakers and caterers HAD  BEEN PAID IN CASH ON DUNCAN’S ‘SAY SO’  FULLY ELEVEN DAYS BEFORE THAT EMAIL WAS SENT? ‘V.A.T. RECEIPTS’ – AYE RIGHT!

Mr. Duncan knew full well about CASH IN HAND payments.  HE authorised them.

That is incontrovertible. The Trust Accountant has stated unequivocally that  DUNCO DISHED OUT DOSH TO PAY THE SPEAKERS! 

He’s  even incorporated that into one of the multiple sets of conflicting ‘accounts’ produced at various times in an attempt to pin a deficit on Jim Gallacher, yet Mr. Robinson wasn’t even there! Like several others who joined the Trust Committee with good intentions, his road to Hell has been paved by  the words of one man – Stuart Duncan.

Why did ‘Auld Nick’ studiously choose to ignore the fact that in initial accounts submitted to the Police BY BOTH PARTIES payment of the speakers was credited solely to Jim Gallacher? Those figures had been ‘meticulously’ examined and were NOT DISPUTED AT THAT TIME! 

‘A man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest’! The Committee allegedly accepted unanimously  last June that ‘they had seen ALL of the evidence! They are therefore inextricably implicated in the ‘stitch up’, and there’s also the question of being ‘accessories after the fact’ of apparent misappropriation of funds!  To quote Mr Duncan ‘It may even once more become the subject of a police investigation’. 

Evidence painstakingly gathered by Mortonjag – who has spoken to many people the Police did not interview – leads him to the conclusion that Stuart Duncan either suffers from severe amnesia or is a bare faced liar. Perhaps both conditions prevail!  The committee has willingly been led right up the garden path!
Witness below a typically verbose and blustering example of an invariably unquestioned  ‘Dodgem’ statement:
‘I already know the truth of the matter. Sadly proving it is a different story…. it concerns me and I’m supremely confident that my memory of the event is crystal clear’.
Powerful stuff from ‘Mr. Chairman Sir’ and proving it will be ‘a different matter’ despite the miraculous appearance of a ‘witness’ some time later!!……but that’s for another blog folks! 
Meanwhile, of Grass Goodwin’s motivation – someone very close to the situation has been quoted thus:
 ‘He (Goodwin) pushed for the Police more out of his hatred for Jim Gallacher than for the good of the Trust’.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!




From: Paul Gill []


Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 3:29 PM


To: ernienewall

Ernie, can I suggest that we perhaps meet for that drink, tea, coffee or beer whatever your preference?  It will only be me nobody else and I give you my complete assurances that we together will get to the bottom of this.  I want the ROT out of this committee as much, if not more than you do – truthfully.


Ernie, I can meet you wherever you like and whenever you like.  You can even have someone with you if you like as I have nothing to offer other than a peacemaker in search of the truth……


……I am genuine Ernie, I honestly am and I want the truth to come out……….







From: Paul Gill [] 

Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 10:50 AM

To: mairidalglish

Cc: ‘’



HI Ernie,


 My biggest personal concern Ernie in all of this and it is purely a selfish one is that I am being dragged into what I believe to be a pot of lies, corruption and as I have mentioned downright bloody skulduggery.  I am now being accused of “fraternising with the enemy” and it is not even my bloody war. 






….and then St.Paul had his Damascus Road experience:


and  ‘Ernie’ was no longer of any use to him!




Post #1009

  QUOTE  a stupid, silly old fool, with nothing better to do all day than type away on his keyboard with petulant nonsense and all because he asked for the truth to come out, it came out and he did not like what he was told.


The Gospel According to St. Paul states that –  

‘The truth came out’.

The truth is that St. Paul meekly toed the line and did exactly what Dunco ordered.

The Gospel According to St. Paul states that –  

‘He did not like what he was told’.

Correct – PiniccioRobinson (also doing exactly what Dunco told him) announced that they were about to brush everything under the carpet –  though those were not his precise words!





Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 13:57:02


I appreciate your concern, however in case you weren’t aware one half of the organising duo is currently lying in a hospital bed up in Glasgow as good as paralysed from the waist down.

I’ve spoken with Stuart and Gordon Burns and they are fine about the sorting out of Income & Expenditure about this night.

They are both aware there is some money to be banked and as previously stated we should have a clearer picture towards the end of this week.

There was a lot of tidying up to do up the Port and on Tuesday I spent the day, without one ounce of help from anyone involved in this night, moving over 150 cases of alcohol and soft drinks, not to mention the 16 barrels of lager.

So I apologise for not sorting out the figures that day and worrying about the stock and Sean.

On Wednesday I was at work and later met Gordon to discuss things.

Thursday I was also at work and last night I was at a Charity do.

I’m working tonight but will skip Scapa today as I feel you need IMMEDIATE answers.


Sounds like Jim’s getting a wee bit upset at constant pressure to do the impossible, but true to his Ladybird Book training, ‘Danny the Fanny’ resolutely pursues the criminal –



Subject: RE: Meeting – Monies

Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 20:18:09 +0000

I do appreciate that Sean is unwell and hope the best for him.

However, as I am part of a committee that is entrusted in what is in effect Trust members money, I have asked a few simple questions which still remain unanswered.

I am not asking for an income and expenditure sheet as I know that it takes a while to provide such.

I am asking about the total bar takings, the ticket money and any other income as per below, so yes, I would like an ‘IMMEDIATE’ answer.



The man responsible for half of that ticket money was lying on a hospital bed, but let’s face it – when you know a criminal is guilty there’s only one thing to do. Hit him with your truncheon and then compare notes with the rest of Keystone to make sure he doesn’t escape justice! 






More snippets soon folks. Join Mortonjag in a wee chortle at how ‘Plod’ wanted V.A.T. receipts for something  ‘Dunco’ claims had already been paid in cash!!


This evening for your entertainment Mortonjag appends a couple of postings from that ‘once upon a time’ Trust propaganda platform – David Bell’s 

They were made by ‘Laughing Policeman Webble’ Danny Goodwin, who is and are a year old. 
Shortly, Mortonjag will expose the shameful treatment Jim Gallacher received  from Goodwin and Duncan before the ‘Webbles’ forced the others to go to the real ‘Polis’!
 Jan 31 2010, 12:32 AM
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Newton – due to the fact that I have raised the matter of possible civil action against a certain party I would not divulge any of the facts that I have uncovered.
I have been on the case, so to speak, from around the time of the police involvement. 
The reason for doing so is that I suspected early on that the police may encounter problems due to the lack of a paper-trail.
I has stayed away from posting on this matter until now, after having read so much speculation, guesswork, rumour etc etc.
Those people who know me from old know I wouldn’t make such a serious allegation without concrete evidence.
The truth will eventually out and rest assured I will do all in my power to get the Trust members money back. Capitanus – yes it is all very sad, but no-one is going to get away with stealing members money.

Things were done in a dignified wayand I have stayed off this messageboard re this topic, concentrating on building evidence to get our members money back.

It is such a shame that this has blackened such a great night, but unfortunately money was stolen and that really is the bottom line.
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MJ – this will be my last post on the matter.
It is a personal statement.
I am 100% confident that I have the evidence required to get the trust members money back from one individual.
I have prepared a full report on the matter which will be published at the appropriate time.
I had kept away from the topic due to all the rumour, innuendo, guesswork while I worked away in the background to get to the whole truth of the matter, especially in the circumstances of there being a lack of a papertrail.
I have not sat idly by – I have done my utmost to make a thorough investigation as has been practically possible based on the experience of my former employment. In the fullness of time ALL THE FACTS pertaining to the missing money will be published and there for all to see. In my position of being a Trust Board member I am duty bound to to protect shareholders money, but even at that, as an individual I will not stand by and do nothing when members money has been misapropriated.  So MJ – you can make all of your normal thunderings, questions, suggestions or whatever – I won’t be coming back on to this messageboard to duscuss this topic any further. 
Try and cloud the issue, get MJs little helpers to assist, but rest assured you will all be wasting your time. 
You will no doubt be prepared to remain forever on your merry-go-round, but in time everyone will know exactly what happened to the missing money. 
Try all you might to get information from me (or from any other Trust board member for that matter, whom I’m sure will also ignore your nonsensical ramblings) – you can pose questions, make assumptions, challenges or whatever – You will not get a response. As I have said, I will post the FACTS of the matter at the appropriate time for everyone to see. And I will repeat, I am 100% confident in getting the Trust members money back.







FROM ‘THE TILLY’ (a few weeks later)

 A police probe into the alleged disappearance of thousands of pounds from a Morton fans’ fundraiser has ended in no charges being brought.

 Detective Inspector John Dearie, of Greenock CID, said: “We interviewed the individual at the centre of it and the end result is there will be no charges”.

 DI Dearie also confirmed his team had established a small shortfall in funds from the event, which was held in November to honour the famous Ton team from 30 years ago.

He said: “There is a shortfall of a small amount of cash but this is probably due to the haphazard way it was organised.

“The shortfall is not a significant sum and nowhere near the sums talked about initially – it could be accounted for by bad business practice.”

Today, Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust said they were ‘extremely disappointed’ by events surrounding the charity night.

Chairman Stuart Duncan said: “We are extremely disappointed the Stars of 1979 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1,600”.

 Meticulous Mr. Duncan’s original figure of £4759 melted like proverbial snow off a dyke after the Webbles’ attempted ‘stitch up’ had failed. Meticulous Mr. Duncan had been expecting £5000 for his ill fated football Academy!






Stars Of 79 Night 6th Nov, 30 Years Since We Topped the Premier League    



Written by Sean   
Tuesday, 23 June 2009
As some may know, the Greenock Morton Supporters Trust have planned a night to celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Players and Staff who took us to the top of the Premier League away back in 1979.

As there seems to be alot of gossip going on, (well it is in the latest Trust Newsletter) we thought it best to clear it all up.


The Date is 6th Nov 2009, venue Port Glasgow Town Hall, 1900-0100am

We have had meetings with Benny, his assistant Mike, and have most if not all players from that era coming along, all more than keen to be part of it all.

We have the Provost coming along and Pipers planned, all makes for a great night.

There is alot happening behind the scene, with a good few people working on making his a magic night, one for all to remember. We are busy finding video/tv footage for display, if anyone can help please PM me

With a sportmans dinner theme, tickets will go on sale mid July once speakers etc have been confirmed, but the aim of this night is one for the fans, so expect the ticket price to be as low as possible. The aim is not to make money but to make it as cheap as possible so ‘real fans’ can get along, any money that maybe made will go to the new Greenock Morton Football Acadamy.

Details of how ticket sales will work will be updated here, soon


The ‘Stars of ‘79’ event was never intended to be a fund raiser. That had been clearly stipulated in the ground rules and is confirmed above by JOINT ORGANISER Sean Donnelly. There is NO ambiguity. Any surplus would go towards the proposed Football Academy. 


No surprise then that those who know the truth were astounded to read the following on ‘Bell’s Comic’ –


 Stuart Duncan

post Apr 10 2010, 12:34 PM

Post #27


The money raised, £5000, from last years fans game was deposited in the Trust account in the expectation that the Academy would be up and running beginning of January 2010. We had also hoped to raise another £5000 from the ’79 night plus money from the sales of the DVDs on the night. We have the money from the DVD sales which if memory serves me right was around the £1600 mark.

Unfortunately we never received the money we were expecting from the ’79 night. But that’s another topic.



DVD’s sold on the evening brought in only £850! 

If Mr. Duncan’s ‘crystal clear’ memory can be trusted,  the identically priced raffle available only on the evening raised almost 60% more!


Why did those ‘once in a lifetime’ celebratory DVD’s sell in such limited numbers? There was abundant stock, yet 280 ‘dyed in the wool’ Morton folk allegedly preferred the ubiquitous tombola!! 



In terms of projected income it doesn’t add up,  but NOTHING ADDS UP in the ‘Stars fiasco’  – that a direct result of Mr. Duncan’s having personally authorized ‘cash in hand’ payments – reportedly to avoid paying V.A.T.


Duncan and Goodwin – co-directors of the proposed Football Academy  expected to raise £5000 from a ‘not for profit’ celebration! 




There has never been any explanation as to why the proceeds from those DVD sales – an integral part of the celebration – were kept entirely separate from the ‘Stars of ‘79’ income, or of why they were deliberately omitted from the umpteen contradictory sets of ‘accounts’ cobbled together over the last year in an attempt to ‘nail’ Jim Gallacher?


NOTHING ADDS UP in the ‘Stars fiasco’! To quote D.I. Dearie of Strathclyde C.I.D. who are apparently keeping a watchful eye on the unfolding drama: ‘There has to be a proper paper trail and accounts and in this case that was missing’.








That ‘bucket’ was the source of much debate and mirth on David Bell’s ‘once upon a time’ Trust Committee propaganda platform – 

Mortonjag has on file at least five entirely different written versions of ‘The bucket’ – all purportedly true! 

For the time being, suffice to say that at the end of the evening surplus cash was tossed into a bucket which was to have been taken home by JOINT ORGANISER Sean Donnelly, and that later, while he and Jim Gallacher were checking the contents, Sean became unwell and had to be hospitalised.


The bucket of cash (a four figure sum) lay in Donnelly’s house for almost two weeks before Duncan finally deigned to uplift it, and when the pennies had been counted up ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.



Expecting from a ‘not for profit’ event, some £5000 for their doomed Football Academy, Amnesic Mr. Duncan and Vengeful Mr. Goodwin’s lips were tripping them when there appeared to be a deficit for the evening! 

The truth is that the ‘Stars of ’79’ event generated a four figure profit, but  NOTHING HAS EVER ‘ADDED UP’ IN AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL FINANCIAL FIASCO OF CHAIRMAN DUNCAN’S VERY OWN MAKING!  





Victimisation, intimidation, extortion and attempted blackmail.




Does anybody remember this:


Published: Friday, 15th January, 2010 2:00pm

Ton fans in police cash probe

 by Russell Steele

GALA NIGHT: Morton fans packed the ‘Stars of ’79 charity celebration night held at Port Glasgow Town Hall.

POLICE are probing the alleged disappearance of thousands of pounds from a charity celebration night held by Morton fans.

The Tele can reveal the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust have called in detectives because they believe a substantial, four-figure sum of cash went missing from the proceeds of their recent ‘Stars of 1979’ bash at Port Glasgow Town Hall.

The event – which was arranged by the trust and had no official connection to Morton FC – saw hundreds of supporters gather to pay tribute to the famous Ton team of 30 years ago.

Profits from the evening were set to go towards establishing an independent youth academy which it is hoped will funnel talented footballers into the set-up at Cappielow.

But in the aftermath of the gala event, trust officials discovered a major discrepancy in the proceeds – and went straight to Strathclyde Police.

A senior detective today confirmed his team are looking into the allegations made by the supporters’ trust.

Detective Inspector John Dearie, of Greenock CID, said: “I can confirm a complaint has been made by them and an investigation into that complaint is now under way.

“The complaint relates to the alleged misappropriation of funds and we are looking fully at the circumstances surrounding it.

“Our investigation is not completed as yet and it would be too early to comment any further at this stage.”

Det Insp Dearie said he could not comment on the amount of money involved – but the Tele understands that it is a sizeable four-figure sum.

The Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust chairman, Stuart Duncan, today confirmed that they had called in the police over the affair.

Mr Duncan said: “We can confirm that Strathclyde Police are investigating a complaint made by ourselves with regards to monies at Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust.”




and then this:


Published: Saturday, 30th January, 2010 2:00pm

No charges in fan cash probe

 by Russell Steele


CASH PROBE: Money went missing at Port Town Hall event.

A POLICE probe into the alleged disappearance of thousands of pounds from a Morton fans’ fundraiser has ended in no charges being brought.

The Tele recently revealed detectives had been called in by Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust after they suspected a substantial four-figure sum had vanished from their recent Stars of 1979 night.

But officers have now completed their investigation – and say no one will be prosecuted.

Detective Inspector John Dearie, of Greenock CID, said: “We interviewed the individual at the centre of it and the end result is there will be no charges.

“There is no criminality we can see at this stage to prove any charges. There has to be a proper paper trail and accounts and in this case that was missing. It is a civil matter between the organisation and individual.”

DI Dearie also confirmed his team had established a small shortfall in funds from the event, which was held in November to honour the famous Ton team from 30 years ago.

He said: “There is a shortfall of a small amount of cash but this is probably due to the haphazard way it was organised.

“The shortfall is not a significant sum and nowhere near the sums talked about initially – it could be accounted for by bad business practice.”

Proceeds from the Stars of 79 night were earmarked for a new football academy which will nurture young players.

Today, Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust said they were ‘extremely disappointed’ by events surrounding the charity night.

Chairman Stuart Duncan said: “The supporters’ trust has organised many successful fundraising events over the years where we have raised a great deal of money that has gone to Morton youth – such as the Champions’ Party in Greenock Sports Centre and last year’s fans’ game at Cappielow, which raised £5,000.

“We are extremely disappointed the Stars of 1979 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1,600.

“The Supporters’ Trust may pursue a civil action to recover money and items which are still due to them.”


followed rapidly by this: 

and then numerous postings like this on – from Sean Donnelly – a man to whom owner  David Bell – a Club Official – appeared to give free rein:


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QUOTE(Barbarossa @ May 9 2010, 02:03 PM) *


Will I?



OK here is my response to you and to your mate of 25 maybe 30 years.




Jim Gallacher stole money from the Trust.




Now please let your snake of a mate know that, I welcome any court action, infact I put on here on record for all to see, I ask Jim Gallacher to take me to court. No seriously please do

Despite the intensive C.I.D. investigation and report, Messrs. Goodwin and Donnelly were determined to openly persuade Morton fans that money had been stolen. Goodwin’s statement (above) was immediately endorsed by Trust Chairman Duncan, while  the former’s webcast buddy Andy Morrison and Donnelly’s sidekick Jim MacVicar worked away tirelessly in the background in further attempts to discredit a man the Police had totally exonerated.