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Stealing the money is one thing and should not be over looked.

What I really, really can’t understand, is that, once caught, you have not done the decent thing and repaid the money, but you choosed to drag the Trust, Danny, Stuart and myself through the mud.

You have played a game with your own mates and caused a few to fall out with each other over this.

You have lied to me constantly even when I asked you not to and tell me the truth.

I backed you to the hilt, until I realised you where taking me for a mug, and lying to me as well as the Trust.

I begged you to do the right thing, but you flung that back in my face and started rumours that it was me that stole the money. From there it all starts on here.  

Jim, I tell you now, I want this to go to court 100%, as the truth will all come out. And despite what your so called mates do to stop it will go to court.

The so called love letter you are about to send me is meaningless, I want this all to come out, warts and all.

It has went to far, you have played a terrible game with your own mates, me being one.

And that is the biggest point I will never get over, you have done the dirty on your mate. That Jim is the lowest you can go.

For once Mortonjag is lost for words.







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Ask what you want in the right place.  
Don’t cross the lines of decency or legality.
Don’t make unsubstantiated allegations.
Facts are always welcome.
if you see something that you don’t like, report it.

SO – Mortonjag reported to the ‘even handed’ Mr Bell, a sustained campaign of personal defamation instituted by Donnelly and perpetrated largely by his Puppet MacVicar. They repeatedly claimed that Mortonjag had been ‘struck off’ the Medical register. They did so because Mortonjag was asking questions of the Trust Committee’s role in the Stars of ’79 farce – 
something of which Bell was FULLY aware.
In good faith Mortonjag reported the matter to Benito.
His reply:


Normal rules apply here … if someone

posts something that you don’t like the

look of report it. The mods will then

review the content when they are able


…….I entirely agree that suggesting you

have been struck off is particularly

isagreeable to you, but it is a football f

orum full of banter and argument. 

You have and will continue to have the same protection as other forum posts within the spirit of the rules. If you engage in banter you should be prepared to receive banter’.

Mortonjag concludes that allegations of
serious professional misconduct and of
having been ‘Struck off’ could not
possibly be construed as ‘banter’ by
anyone other than Bell who already had a
history of banning Mortonjag for what
was PLAINLY banter – a decision he was
forced to reverse when sane people
objected. Bell’s opportunity to destroy his
message board nemesis arrived when the
distasteful MacVicar – who  only today
posted this on Bell’s rag – 

‘Has Mr Newall decided to give up any hope of being a doctor’- published a private letter indicating possible legal action.


banned Mortonjag!

The matter has not gone away. It rests with Mortonjag’s legal team pending the resolution of a more pressing matter – also currently ‘sub – judice’.














Written by Stuart Duncan:   

Saturday, 30 January 2010
The police probe into the events surrounding the Stars of ’79 event has been dropped. They have completed their investigation and said no one would be prosecuted.
The Supporters’ Trust are extrememly disappointed, given the information we supplied to the police, that no action is being taken.
Chairman Stuart Duncan said: ” The Supporters’ Trust has organised many successful fundraisng events over the years where we have raised a great deal of money that has gone to Morton youth – such as the Champions’ Party in Greenock Sports Centre and last year’s Fans’ Game at Cappielow, which raised £5000.”
“We are extremely dissapointed the Stars of ’79 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1600. The Supporters’ Trust may pursue a civil action to recover money and items which are still due to them.” 
Written by Danny Goodwin
 Jan 31 2010, 03:04 PM

MJ – this will be my last post on the matter.
It is a personal statement.

I am 100% confident that I have the evidence required to get the trust members money back from one individual.
I have prepared a full report on the matter which will be published at the appropriate time.
I had kept away from the topic due to all the rumour, innuendo, guesswork while I worked away in the background to get to the whole truth of the matter, especially in the circumstances of there being a lack of a papertrail.
I have not sat idly by – I have done my utmost to make a thorough investigation as has been practically possible based on the experience of my former employment.

In the fullness of time ALL THE FACTS pertaining to the missing money will be published and there for all to see.

In my position of being a Trust Board member I am duty bound to to protect shareholders money, but even at that, as an individual I will not stand by and do nothing when members money has been misapropriated.  
As I have said, I will post the FACTS of the matter at the appropriate time for everyone to see. And I will repeat, I am 100% confident in getting the Trust members money back.


‘Newton – due to the fact that I have raised the matter of possible civil action against a certain party I would not divulge any of the facts that I have uncovered.
I have been on the case, so to speak, from around the time of the police involvement. 
The reason for doing so is that I suspected early on that the police may encounter problems due to the lack of a paper-trail.
I has stayed away from posting on this matter until now, after having read so much speculation, guesswork, rumour etc etc.
Those people who know me from old know I wouldn’t make such a serious allegation without concrete evidence.

The truth will eventually out and rest assured I will do all in my power to get the Trust members money back.

Capitanus – yes it is all very sad, 

but no-one is 

going to get away with stealing 


Things were done in a dignified way and I have stayed off this messageboard re this topic, concentrating on building evidence to get our members money back.

It is such a shame that this has blackened such a great night, but unfortunately money was stolen and that really 

is the bottom line.’

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‘There is a very clear deficit of £1600 for the event.


BTW I agree with Danny summation given he has also made 

enquiries of people the police didn’t talk to.’

Messrs. Goodwin and Duncan were clearly in full agreement that money had been stolen, yet more than three months down the line they have been unable to produce evidence of theft. Have they been barking up the wrong tree all along?
Is it possible that they have been targeting the wrong person?



David Bell is a peculiar creature. Little is known in Greenock Morton circles about the Official Club photographer. He appears to be arrogant and aloof, though that may disguise a shy wee boy who does not comprehend adult behaviour! 

Bell, also known as ‘Tontastic’, (although that strictly speaking is the title of his commercial photography enterprise) makes money by selling lots of ‘stuff’ through his allegedly unofficial site.

Benito’ Bell spends much of his time taking action photographs of stripped young men, and is seemingly into ‘Boy Scouts’ in a big way. He lives at 16 Meryon Gardens in Glasgow –  right next to the zoo. 

Mortonjag’s relationship with Tontastic is over. They were uncomfortable bedfellows. Was Mortonjag taking up too much space in Benito’s bed, or was the ‘ex’ medic’s approach just too old fashioned?

Earlier this year Mr. Bell made this VERY special announcement on his faltering rag :

‘Please remember that you are responsible for what you post. Posts which are reasonably considered to be inflammatory or causing defamation will be removed and posting privileges removed without warning’.

‘Reasonably considered to be inflammatory or causing defamation’.

After TEN statements claiming that Mortonjag had been ‘guilty of serious professional misconduct’/ ‘struck off’ the Medical Register you might imagine that Mr. Bell would have detected a little ‘inflammation’, not to mention the dreaded ‘D’ word!

NOT AT ALL! When asked politely by Mortonjag (and not for the first time ) for assistance, Bell wrote as follows

‘Earnie, (a term of endearment?)

Think on though on the consequences of what you are asking for……. I entirely agree that suggesting you have been struck off is particularly disagreeable to you, but it is a football forum full of banter and argument’.

Full of banter and argument indeed until Mortonjag – IN RESPONSE TO A FURTHER DEFAMATORY STATEMENT asked Sean Donnelly ‘if HE had always been in his current occupation’ – nothing more and nothing less. That evoked this response from Bell:

‘Ernie, (obviously using spell check)

Stop making sly allegations regarding Sean ……..or your next post will render you suspended/banned. Sean was wrong to have mentioned misconduct part as i have no reason to believe that is true….   

When allegations such as these arise people’s lives and livelihoods can be put at risk.’…

Mortonjag made absolutely NO allegations about Mr Donnelly, ALTHOUGH Donnelly and his Baldy Puppet MacVicar made numerous allegations that Mortonjag had been ‘struck off’ the Medical Register. Those were ‘merely banter’, UNTIL Bell admitted later that they were not!!

Like Donnelly and MacVicar, Tontastic clearly suffers severely from amnesia!




After reading an ‘on line’ joust between two posters on Benito Bell’s Comic yesterday evening, Mortonjag is scratching his head is some puzzlement . Two old friends ‘Barbarossa’ and ‘Se65an’ Donnelly accused each other of ‘being rattled’ – it started when ‘Barbarossa’ mentioned ‘disparaging’ comments apparently made by ‘Se65an’ Donnelly about his five colleagues on the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust Committee. Here are the relevant quotes:
Se65an: ‘Seems your the one being paraniod and easily rattled’
Barbarossa: ‘You are a thoroughly untrustworthy and devious chappy judging by the comments you made about your fellow trust board members, hence the reason’
That was qualified by: ’I don’t care who, if anyone, stole the money’…
……which is why Mortonjag is scratching his head in some puzzlement at this reaction:
Se65an:  ‘I can put hand on heart and say I stole nothing, the same of your so called mate of 30 years.

But because he stole money, my good name must be dragged through the mud by people like you’.

Mortonjag wonders what super sleuth Goodwin (a.k.a. ‘Danny the Fanny’) makes of Se65an Donnelly’s response.
Se65an Donnelly’s reaction smacks of an instinctively aggressive counter to an imagined accusation. In time honoured fashion, the erstwhile loser of a bucket attempts to implicate a third  party (J.G.)to deflect attention from himself, and yet another defamatory statement has been recorded by students of the ‘Ladybird Book of The Law’! 
Mortonjag, unlike ‘Danny the Fanny’, is no detective, but he does understand the principles of psychology. In Mortonjag’s professional opinion Se65an Donnelly is desperate to ‘clear himself’ of some omission.
Furthermore, in Mortonjag’s professional experience, those who ‘protest too much’  inevitably have something to hide.
Would Mr. Goodwin be upset if someone described him evocatively as ‘Danny the Fanny’ ?
How would the proud ‘Dunco’ Duncan react if he discovered that he had been described as ‘a Dougie puppet’? 
‘Nice’ Mr McColl of the ‘nice’ skip bunnet is surely NEVER ‘a DDR ass licker’, and even if he is, Mortonjag suggests that he could be a lot worse off. He could be the ‘not at all nice’ Se65an Donnelly.
Meanwhile the children are still babbling about it on Bell’s Comic. – claiming that the ‘saddest thing is lost friendships’, and that Mr. Gallacher has been used as a pawn in others’ agendas. The children will know the REAL truth in due course!

In reality, the saddest thing is  that Jim Gallacher was deliberately ‘stitched up’. His job was ‘put on the line’. A threat of Police action hung over him for weeks on end, and even now – fully three months after the Police FULLY EXONERATED HIM – the conspirators still make ever weakening attempts to ease themselves of a hook of their own making by pinning blame on Jim Gallacher. 

 Mortonjag has no sympathy whatsoever for those who pathetically attempt to persuade themselves that they were right all along. Perhaps the few intelligent folk who have genuinely ‘called it wrongly’ will in the fullness of time have the good grace to extend well deserved apologies to those of principles and experience – those who have been willing to keep an open mind at all times.

 For those other nasty, often anonymous, and invariably small minded ‘keyboard warriors’ the day of reckoning may well be nigh! 



That you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time is a fact which seems to be completely lost on the Committee of the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society Ltd.
Fully two weeks have elapsed since Trust ‘Master’ and Chairman Stuart Duncan
made this announcement:

‘The Supporters’ Trust have now completed their own investigation into the affairs of the Stars of 79 Celebration evening.Many lessons have been learned.As a result of those investigation, which resulted in representatives of the Trust speaking to many people not previously spoken to be the police, a report has been compiled on the events leading up to the evening, the activities on the night of the event and activities that took place after the event. Given the contents of the report The Board of the Trust have agreed to seek legal advice as to what action is now available to them. We will keep you updated on any developments’……. and two days later on, David Bell’s website from which Mortonjag is banned for asking questions of the Trust, ‘Master’ Duncan refuted a suggestion that’cooler heads may have prevailed’ with:

‘…. Its was always our intention to fully investigate further, after the police decided not to act…………… IT’S JUST TAKEN US LONGER THAN WE THOUGHT……  may

even once more become the subject of a police investigation’….that shortly after his heir apparent, Sean Donnelly had provided on Tontastic’s ‘propaganda platform’:

‘ A small update for you all, I know its not much but these things do take time. And most we cannot discuss until it is all over with. Hope you all bear with us in this matter’

Sound advice you’d imagine! Hours later and AGAIN on ‘Bell’s Comic’ Mr Donnelly posted PRIVATE Trust ‘accounts’ in an obvious attempt to further discredit Jim Gallacher and to deflect attention from unanswered questions!

Mr Donnelly dislikes criticism, appearing to act impulsively in response, and his behaviour (for example in publishing defamatory allegations) has oft’ been beyond the pale. Yesterday, in a transparent attempt to ‘field’ accusations of ‘delaying tactics’ and with the inevitable childish ‘smiley’,  he announced:

Oh look there was an update in the Tele!!

Looks like Barbi is not the only one making sure its not forgotten and is dealt with.

It will not go away!!!

There had been NO ‘update’ in the Greenock Telegraph. A tiny article had appeared on the inside pages merely echoing old information. Mr Donnelly is correct in stating that ‘Barbi is not the only one making sure it’s not forgotten’ – indeed Mortonjag suspects that the ‘Tilly’ approached the Trust! It’s reassuring that the media have not forgotten an incident which was also reported by the ‘Scottish Sun’.

Perhaps ‘The Sun’ will publish an ARTICLE in due course!!! Perhaps ‘The Sun’ will do so before the Trust ‘updates us on any developments’!…..                                                                   …. in any event, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, though the Trust Committee may have been only ‘bright enough to be a danger to itself’ in flagrantly flouting its own rule (113), perhaps to save ‘pennies’ on V.A.T., AND  THEREBY BECOMING DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR the ‘Stars of ’79’ financial farce. Cash changed hands without receipts or records – money regularly went in and out of buckets (one of which was temporarily ‘mislaid’!)- questions hung over ‘who had or had not paid how much to whom and for what’, and any number of folk had ample opportunity to make ‘mistakes’, but finding a scapegoat for a self engendered disaster was predictable behaviour from people with a history of failing to answer legitimate questions!

Mortonjag understands that the Police were singularly unimpressed by the Trust’s ‘evidence’, and ‘bad business practice’, yet ‘Master’ Duncan would have all believe that ‘It may even once more become the subject of a police investigation’ after the Trust has ‘sought legal advice’! The Trust has its very own ‘In House Policeman’. Why does it now need to ‘seek legal advice’ before scampering to the real ‘Polis’ as it so willingly did before? Has faith been lost in ‘Columbo’ Goodwin, and his ‘open and shut’ cases? Has his 100% confidence disappeared in a puff of smoke?!!


THOSE THINGS ARE BEING MADE TO TAKE TIME, and the Trust Committee’s ‘MASTERFOOL’ inactivity won’t fool perceptive members whose collective £120,000 investment it currently oversees. With an A.G.M. looming, Mortonjag envisages much praying for miracles! You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and should the Trust EVER ‘seek legal advice as to what action is now available’ it will most probably be told to stick its investigation “where the sun don’t shine’, though the actual wording may be slightly more discreet. Lawyers, after all, charge for their services – and invariably issue V.A.T receipts.

Meanwhile on ‘Bell’s Comic’ a vocal minority of gullible fools still hangs on the ‘Master’s every word, seemingly oblivious to the thoughts of the silent majority, many of whom appear afraid to ‘rock the boat’ for fear of the wrath of  ‘Almighty Tontastic’!





Mortonjag’s headline refers in this instance to those who break their own rules, and specifically  to the proprietor of – the message board from which Mortonjag is banned sine die. That the ‘Supporters Trust’ regularly uses David Bell’s message board as a ‘propaganda platform’ and that Mr Bell has attempted to silence Mortonjag are no coincidence. When Mortonjag asked pertinent questions of the Trust Committee’s handling of their ‘Stars of ’79’ fiasco, he was subjected to a sustained smear campaign on ‘Bell’s Comic’ – a campaign openly facilitated by Mr Bell and his tame ‘Moderators’ – that despite Mr Bell’s rules clearly indicating that his forum is ‘hosted in the UK and is subject to its defamation laws’.

When serially defamatory statements were made by two posters, one of whom, Sean Donnelly, is a Trust Committee member. Mortonjag requested  support and protection from Mr.Bell who dismissively equated allegations of  the former’s having been struck off the Medical Register to his using a nickname for the Club Chairman! 

So, seeking only fair play, Mortonjag obeyed Mr. Bell’s own rules regarding defamation and sought legal advice. 

A private letter was sent to one of the offenders, asking for a response within fourteen days. Instead, that was posted on Mr Bell’s website. No attempt was made by the Proprietor either to delete the posting, or to stop the resultant ‘debate’, that coinciding with Mortonjag’s being banned without warning or explanation!

‘Bell’s Comic’ remains subject to UK defamation laws, yet ironically,whilst Mr.Bell elected to aid and abet blatant defamation to further his own agenda, this poster who sought to abide by Mr Bell’s own ‘rules’ was banned without explanation and without warning.

Perceptive posters have been asking on the Trust’s ‘propaganda platform’ why Mortonjag was banned. They have been told by ‘the Big Mod’s puppets’ that Mortonjag was ‘in breach of the rules’, though they appear unable to say which rule or rules Mortonjag breached!!!

The truth of course  is that Mr Bell’s arrogant and dismissive handling of repeated requests for even handedness were compounded by an unconscionable improvidence in his presumption that by ‘silencing’ Mortonjag  he has gained immunity from legal action!