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It appears that questions about the ‘Stars’ of ’79 debacle (the ‘cash bash’ of convenience from which the Greenock Morton Supporters Society Ltd. has palpably tried to distance itself by blaming an apparent deficit on one ‘fall guy’) just won’t go away.

Following Chairman Stuart Duncan’s confusing comments yesterday, this post appeared on the ‘Trust’ section of – the website from which Mortonjag is currently banned:


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Just a small update for you all, I know its not much but these things do take time. And most we cannot discuss until it is all over with. Hope you all bear with us in this matter


From information received, Mortonjag understands that Se65an is Mr Sean Donnelly, a Trust Board member, co-organiser with Mr Gallacher of the ‘Stars’ bash, and perceived by many as the likely successor to Mr Duncan. The posting above is certainly in keeping with such a man.
Yesterday evening the following post appeared on the ‘Jesse Ventura’ section of, the website from which Mortonjag is currently banned:
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So am a ‘chameleon'( to big a word for me) yet you believe the word of a thief. Cool


I know I will have a happy life. Get a life.

Hate **** with blinkers on, never thought you would be one

Explain to me £300 Hospitality, when I paid it and it was £200
Explain to me £200 for T-Shirts when I paid it and it was £120
Explain to me £250 for mobile phone costs, **** me gees half
Explain to me £25 a head for bottles of vodka when no staff got any, and it only cost £8
Explain to me a drink to the value of £500 STILL IN JIM G’s House unless he has drank it and he confesses to having has yet to be returned, dispite us asking for it to be returned.
Explain £2-300 in cash he admits to having yet dispite asking has yet to be banked.

This whole thing stinks.

You don’t make it any better, and yes I has proof of all of that and more.

OK the police said not enough evidence, reason why, said person has all receipts

Mortonjag is confused. Firstly Se65an (member no.17,013) assured forum users that ‘those things do take time’, exhorting them to ‘bear with us’, and stating that ‘we cannot discuss it until it is all over with’, and then a mere six hours later, Se65an (member no. 17,013) appeared to be publishing financial information relating to the very matter which ‘cannot be discussed’.
Mortonjag fully expects that by now the Owner and Moderators of, the site from which Mortonjag is currently banned, will have dealt stringently with the impostor who clearly hi-jacked Mr Donnelly’s identity yesterday evening in what appears to have been a contemptible attempt to discredit an honest and respectable man.
The website owner and Moderators would surely NEVER permit publication of financial ‘information’ which might prejudice ongoing enquiries. They are, after all, impartial and even handed in all matters. Indeed they have a history of banning without warning posters whom they feel may harm the reputation of, just as it should be!
OR that is what they’d have us believe – but a ‘set of accounts’ WAS previously published by a poster calling himself ‘Andy M’, ‘accounts’ about which the Moderators allowed a great deal of debate and speculation. Those ‘accounts’, Mortonjag understands, should have been available only to Trust Board members. ‘Andy M’ is not on the Trust Committee, although Mortonjag is informed that he is ‘extremely close to’ Danny Goodwin, the Trust Board member who purportedly ‘ran to the Police’ in the first place.
It seems to Mortonjag that not all may be well with the ownership and Moderation of, when it comes to dealing even handedly with the ‘Stars of ’79’ issue’. Indeed Mortonjag is entirely satisfied that his current ban is the direct result of his attempting to ask legitimate questions on the message board!
Is it remotely possible that the respectable Trust Board member Se65an who commends privacy and patience, and the irascible Se65an who ‘hates **** with blinkers on’, and who publishes purportedly genuine financial information about a currently ‘sub judice’ matter, may  be one and the same person?
 …..and  if  so, is this a person suitable to hold down a position of trust?



Written by Stuart Duncan   
Friday, 05 March 2010
The Supporters’ Trust have now completed their own investigation into the affairs of the Stars of ’79 Celebration evening. 
Many lessons have been learn 
As a result of those  investigation, which resulted in representatives of the Trust speaking to many people not previously spoken to by the police, a report has been compiled on the events leading up to the evening, the activities on the night of the event  and activities that took place after the event. Given the contents of the report The Board of the Trust have agreed to seek legal advice as to what action is now available to them.
We will keep you updated on any developments.
Five weeks have elapsed since Mr Goodwin, the ex Glasgow ‘cop’ who apparently left the force on account of a ‘bad back’ posted the following on, the site from which Mortonjag is currently banned.
Five weeks have elapsed since Mr Duncan expressed 100% confidence in recovering the ‘missing’ money. 
Finally ‘a report has been compiled’. Shouldn’t that have been done in the first place? Is it any wonder that the Police sent the Trust packing, citing ‘haphazard accounting’, and stating that there was ‘no case to answer’?
Five weeks have elapsed since Jim Gallacher was openly accused of theft on the strength of ‘his own investigations which Mr Goodwin had actually been able to carry out’, and that after the real Police had dismissed the matter!!! 
…..and now the Trust has agreed to seek legal advice. What a bizarre phrase! Was there some argument? Has this been done against their better judgement?
Perhaps after another five weeks have elapsed Mr Duncan will be informing us that:
‘Having sought legal advice the Trust has agreed that no further action should be taken’.
As a Trust member, Mortonjag recommends that any legal fees be paid by cheque and a V.A.T. receipt be obtained. 
After all – ‘Many lessons have been learned.’!!!


Fear of litigation may produce bizarre behaviour in normally rational people. I refer specifically to those who operate an internet website entitled from which Mortonjag has recently been banned. is owned and operated by David Bell, an official Club photographer at Greenock Morton F.C. David runs the ‘Tontastic’ enterprise on the same server as the football forum. Here’s what he says about that:

‘The unofficial forum is also now hosted on the same server that runs the Tontastic website. A considerable amount of money has been spent in the last year ensuring that the forum is fast and crash free. Any purchases in support of the Tontastic web site will also support the operation of the largest Greenock Morton online community on the web’. has over 3000 registered members, and users are informed that the forum is hosted in the UK and is subject to its defamation laws. Furthermore, users may be banned without notice or explanation if the site owner feels it is in the best interests of

Last Autumn ‘The Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society Ltd’. (The Trust) ran an event designed to raise money for a new ‘Sports Academy’ – the brainchild of Stuart Duncan, Chairman of The Trust, and a Greenock Morton F.C. Director. Some time later, the local newspaper reported a Police investigation into ‘missing money’ after the event allegedly produced a financial deficit. On January 30th 2010 a further report indicated that the Police had concluded their investigations with no charges having been brought against anyone.

Later that day, the following statement appeared on


Danny Goodwin is a Trust Board member.

There followed statements from Mr Duncan on both the message board and on the Trust website, in which he said:

The police probe into the events surrounding the Stars of ’79 event has been dropped. They have completed their investigation and said no one would be prosecuted.

The Supporters’ Trust are extrememly disappointed, given the information we supplied to the police, that no action is being taken.

Chairman Stuart Duncan said: ” The Supporters’ Trust has organised many successful fundraisng events over the years where we have raised a great deal of money that has gone to Morton youth – such as the Champions’ Party in Greenock Sports Centre and last year’s Fans’ Game at Cappielow, which raised £5000.”

“We are extremely dissapointed the Stars of ’79 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1600. The Supporters’ Trust may pursue a civil action to recover money and items which are still due to them.” 

 It seemed strange that on the very day that the Greenock Telegraph’s announcement had appeared, Mr Goodwin and Mr Duncan  were producing ‘new evidence’ and announcing an impending Civil action. It seemed even stranger that they chose as their medium when as indicated, the Trust has its own dedicated website.

By then Mortonjag had become party to information which justified asking pertinent questions on the message board.

Why, for example, had this ‘new evidence’ not been available earlier, and indeed, when would the proposed Civil action be set in motion? Why had one individual been singled out and reported to the Police as a ‘thief’ when many people had handled substantial sums of cash on the evening, and when there had been no proper accounting records available from the Trust? That had been made crystal clear in the Police statement.

 Mortonjag’s legitimate questions sparked a sustained campaign on not only to ‘muffle’ him, but to destroy his professional reputation – a campaign stage managed by Jim MacVicar who posts on the forum as ‘MidTONs’. Mr MacVicar is very close to Sean Donnelly, the Trust board member who co-organised the fund raising event. He is also a longstanding friend of Mr Duncan.

Specifically, and on some twenty separate occasions Mortonjag was portrayed as having been guilty of ‘serious professional misconduct’ and/or ‘struck off the Medical Register’.

Mr Donnelly made allegations, though the majority came from MidTONs. Everything has been recorded, including posts which were subsequently deleted.

Here are two examples:


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The Stars of 79 night is not my concern here, I more concerned that someone who has a habit of breaking certain oaths could find his way on to the trust board.

I would like you to show me the proof my reliable source is not correct.



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QUOTE(TonInDublin @ Feb 19 2010, 02:16 PM) *


Yesterday I received formal confirmation from the General Medical Council that MJ has NEVER been struck off of their register at any time. Indeed they were good enough to expand on that and state unequivocally that he was not even the subject of ANY formal action whilst he was a member of the said GMC. He is no longer a member at his own request – something which apparently is normal practice if you are not a practicing doctor, because it costs a pretty penny to keep your membership up.

Should he wish, as is his right, to practice again, and rejoin the GMC, there is nothing stopping him and he is perfectly entitled to do so.



That’s because he jumped before he was pushed, in a lot of peoples books he was as good as stuck off.

If he wishes to disagree with he he can send you proof that wasn’t the case either. 

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“Who loves ya, baby?”

From a Dr. To a Mr.

 Mortonjag tried on several occasions to have those allegations quashed, not least because of the possibility of an imminent return to part-time practice, but David Bell the site owner chose to treat the matter dismissively. Here is one of his comments:

‘I entirely agree that suggesting you have been struck off is particularly disagreeable to you, but it is a football forum full of banter and argument.’, something which Mortonjag found particularly confusing when Mr Bell in response to a previous request for help had nullified that on the grounds of ‘allegations which might affect Mr Donnelly’s life and livelihood’. No allegations were ever made about Mr Donnelly!

The G.M.C statement read thus:

 Dear Dr Newall

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm you have not been the subject of any formal action during your registration by the GMC.

Kind regards

 John Lloyd

Investigations Team

General Medical Council

 Shortly after the announcement on, Mortonjag received a message from Mr MacVicar which included the following:

Funny this aint it

Personal Message

Well Ernie where do I start, I certainly rattled your cage eh? I must have really annoyed the life out you for you to go to the lengths you did to get folk to believe you.

Now why did I turn on you, I think you know that don’t you? ……….

……………..Its up to you where you want this to go now, I’ll leave that with you, if you want to take down any type of legal route i will happily pass on my address so that you can pass it on to your solicitor to save him the time and effort of searching for me, I honestly couldn’t give a **** and anyone that knows me will tell you the same thing.

I could go on and on about the way you discredit folk but you know more about that than I do so I’ll leave it as it stands for now.

The ball is in your court.


“Who loves ya, baby?”

From a Dr. To a Mr.

So there it was.

 A deliberate campaign of defamation had been conducted by Mr MacVicar on David Bell’s message board., which is subject to UK defamation law. Mortonjag had repeatedly asked for assistance from the Moderators, but none had been forthcoming – indeed Mr Bell had plainly trivialized the matter, and further allegations had been made AFTER the G.M.C. letter was published.

  In response to Mr MacVicar’s clear invitation, Mortonjag took legal advice, and the former was made aware of a possible claim against him. That should have remained private, but he chose to publicise the letter on, something about which the Moderators did absolutely nothing. Mortonjag made no comment of any kind on the matter as advised by his solicitor.

Within two days Mortonjag was unable to read the message board, let alone ‘log in’. No warning of any kind had been issued nor was any explanation forthcoming.

 An announcement has apparently been made on the message board stating that Mortonjag was banned without limit of time for ‘harming’

Mortonjag has again been in communication with his legal advisors.