Anyone for an ‘Early Bird’ season ticket on the strength of a Three year Plan to honour my father a pack of lies?


Crawford Rae is increasingly coming across as a contemptible liar – content to point a finger at unnamed ‘others’ while flagrantly destroying the last remnants of goodwill among a long suffering fan base at Greenock Morton.

Two decades past, in the wake of the Hugh Scott fiasco, some £120,000 was raised by trusting fans on the strength of promises from motormouth clowns like Stuart Duncan and Jim McColl. The subsequent self-destruction of the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust has been fully documented on this blog.

Meanwhile, history looks set to repeat itself as another self-promoting motormouth pleads for even MORE dosh to lay at the master’s feet! A fool and his money are easily parted!

Until the last remnants of the Rae dynasty with its associated reptilian sycophancy have been purged from Cappielow, Greenock Morton is doomed to fail.