With an impending A.G.M., Morton F.C. Chairman Crawford Rae has been forced to ‘come clean’.

The club is being cynically sold down the river by a ‘poor little rich kid’, content to hang blame on lesser shareholders for his selfish abandonment of his father’s dream. What price honesty?

Such shameful behaviour from the man who scared off Ray McKinnon comes as  no surprise to the perceptive!

Meanwhile Scottish Farmer’s favourite troll PORKY PAUL JOHNSTONE has emerged from Nick Robinson’s arsehole to stab the criminal director in the back.

The inveterate fat troll appears more interested in ‘ad clicks’ than Greenock Morton!


Nonetheless, ROUSSELLE’S chubby bum-chum makes a valid point, as the present dilemma surely merits a statement from the G.M.S.T., but none will be forthcoming as the Trust has been strangled by successive self-seeking chairmen – perjurer Stuart Duncan and criminal Nick Robinson.

As for current Chairman – Allan Feeney –