Anyone for a partly used early bird season ticket? Anyone for a farcical ‘Three Year Plan’? Anyone still want to kiss Crawford Rae’s arse? Anyone still giving credibility to the criminal who destroyed the fans’ Trust to feather his own nest?


Hilarious to think that Crawfy Boy’s Aston Martin alone would pay for a season’s worth of striking talent! Even more hilarious that some clots still give the current B.O.D. ‘The time of day’!

It’s not their fault claims BUMSHAFTEN – the viperous EK pouffe – it’s a DISEASE, while ‘bum chum’ PORKY prescribes the cure. Anyone for a passé fans forum run by sick perverts for the benefit of their own pockets? Even Beaver Baxter  now hates the Raegime!


The Rae family has made Greenock Morton F.C. a laughing stock in Scottish Football, but it’s still a convenient home for such BROWN NOSED ‘Bum boys’, scared to be seen anywhere near their local pubs and clubs, and when gates have bottomed at 700, PORKY and BUMSHAFTEN will presumably still be doing the same behind closed doors!