Firstly a beautiful bridle snap of wee Johnny no-show –


– and onto another self-obsessed clown!


Allan Plonker Feeney – Chairman of this terminally ill joke is betimes a drunken clot – a LIAR who claimed to Supporters Direct that the Trust won G.M.S.T. v GALLACHER, who deceived the Trust membership, and who, inter alia, STOLE some £4k of members money to fund a fatally flawed court action.


The drunken Feeney yin cannot forgive Mortonjag for outsmarting his criminal master, and as Mr Gallacher contemplates a new action for recovery of his costs, herewith the truth about that ‘fake lawyer’s letter’?

Neither the letter, nor the lawyer, was fake –only the story (among many other defamatory allegations) subsequently disseminated by the gentleman who drank himself to death on the way home from Kirkcaldy in April 2017. 

ronald mcdonald yes GIF by McDonald's CZ/SK