With the untimely and allegedly dishonourable departure of their erstwhile ‘Knight in shining armour’ – Ray ‘Snake’ McKinnon – The Morton Forum pond life intelligentsia  are once again playing ‘Club Director’.

‘Who will be next’ is the hot topic, while a suggestion that said ‘Snake’ had a legitimate gripe has been rapidly brushed aside!

The criminal activities of Greenock Morton director Nick Robinson have been extensively detailed in this blog, but ex-club director Stuart Duncan’s proven perjury  was yet another attempt to pervert the course of justice in the long-running G.M.S.T. v Gallacher fiasco, and ‘Dunco the Clown’ had ‘previous’!

Mr. Gallacher’s solicitor described this email as ‘tantamount to extortion and attempted blackmail’.


Greenock Telegraph

“We are extremely disappointed the Stars of 1979 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1,600.”

Dunco’s meticulously calculated £4759 had miraculously dropped to £1600!

Mortonjag assumes that the Chairman and C.E.O. of Greenock Morton F.C. are unaware of those criminal actions by the club’s second largest shareholder…

….and now to something rather different! Is the esoteric ‘oldie’ from Govan none other than Mr. McGraw?




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