Ray McKinnon’s resignation from Greenock Morton F.C. has upset the Club and hugely antagonised the fans. The circumstances of his departure were allegedly dishonourable, but his reasoning remains unclear.

If Mr. McKinnon was simply ‘making the right noises’ at Morton until something better came along, why on earth Falkirk F.C., a club currently languishing at the bottom of their mutual league?

His decision to leave Cappielow so early casts serious doubt on the ‘pull’ of the Managerial position, and poses legitimate questions. Was he rapidly disheartened by the Board of Directors’ stubborn obsession with budgetary constraint, and were initial promises unfulfilled?

While Ray McKInnon keeps his counsel, the club chairman has publicly announced his ‘resentment’. Mr. Rae would do well to put his own house in order before assuming the moral high ground!

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