Mortonjag’s readers are sincerely invited to examine this email which was sent to the ‘new’ Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust committee prior to a watershed meeting on 24th June 2010.


On the advice of proven perjurer Stuart Duncan and criminal Greenock Morton F.C. director Nick Robinson, the committee  immediately severed communication with Mortonjag, and embarked on a long wild goose chase which culminated in Greenock Sheriff Court almost seven years later, with the Trust in tatters and some £4,000 worse off!


Chris may still honour that promise if he ever emerges from under his criminal mentor’s skirts at the Greenock Morton Community Trust!


Mr. Robinson’s professionalism  must NOT be called into question! Presumably it was an evil impostor who shared many unsolicited personal messages with NON-TRUST members like ‘Dave’….


…. and made this ludicrous posting on the fans’ message board around the same time!


Almost four years later, and with his deplorable Trust Deed scam in place, Nasty Nick thought he was untouchable!


Perhaps he should have read Mortonjag’s email first! 

The ‘Stars of ’79’ comedy show would be incomplete without wee Johnny Cobra and his team of undercover agents.