Criminal Greenock Morton director Nick Robinson is a rare visitor to the fans’ forum those days, but immediately after his fatally flawed ‘G.M.S.T. v Gallacher’ was dismissed by the court last May, and assisted by a few deluded minions, he proceeded to ‘bum his load’ on the message board!

Responding to member LinwoodTON’s assertion that the Trust had lost its case, he risibly alleged:


The Trust lost the case when Sheriff Hall dismissed the action in Mr. Gallacher’s favour! Unsurprisingly, the membership has never been ‘circulated’ – either with details of the outcome, or regarding the estimated £4.000 splurged on Robinson’s immoral and unsanctioned folly.

Encouraged by the inflammatory postings of a tiny trolling minority, the shameless Morton director moved up a gear!


That was obtuse!

In June 2016, ‘The Trust’ insisted that the case went to a ‘proof’ hearing, when Mr. Gallacher simply wished dismissal with due expenses!

Bolstered by abusive postings from his semi-intelligent ‘clique’ comrades, Robinson then attempted to justify the unconscionable submission of false evidence to the court….


…. but unlike ‘Mr. Toad’,  LinwoodTON had been in court, where the reasons for the Sheriff’s comments were painfully obvious. 

Then followed this piece of ‘Comedy gold’!


With Robinson STILL insisting that the case be ‘brought to trial’ in January 2017, Sheriff Hamilton ruled that the action be dismissed because the Trustee had already invalidated his unsubstantiated claim! Res judicata applied.

The Toadmeister wasn’t finished!



Whilst all of his professional colleagues knew exactly where to look, the self-proclaimed ‘vastly experienced insolvency practitioner’ failed to consult the Edinburgh Gazette in November 2010 before raising his incompetent Small Claims action! In statutorily publicising the matter there, Jim Gallacher had complied fully with his obligations – a fact recently ratified in formal correspondence with the Accountant in Bankruptcy. 

Slick Nick had laughably fallen at the first hurdle, but he regretted nothing!


For any still in doubt, ‘G.M.S.T. v Gallacher’ was dismissed because the Trustee invalidated an unsubstantiated claim submitted by Nick Robinson – purportedly acting for the membership of the G.M.S.T! 

Mr. Gallacher’s expenses were denied because Sheriff Hall was deceived by a dishonest account of the Trust Deed administration and of ‘due diligence’. He remains free to pursue for those rightful expenses.

Mortonjag presumes that Mr. Robinson’s fellow directors at Greenock Morton F.C. remain unaware of his criminal malpractice!