Mortonjag’s blog has never been more popular – in no small measure a consequence of frivolous attempts at character assassination by motley buffoons on The Morton Forum where Jim Gallacher’s trial by internet was incepted by thieving Sean Donnelly.

As the ‘Stars of ’79’ saga moves to its final chapter, readers are invited to closely examine the criminal activities of Nick Robinson, which culminated here.

The lying Greenock Morton F.C. director’s disgusting professional misconduct and criminal chicanery are minutely detailed in this blog, with every instance supported by rock solid evidence, and particularly for Morton Supporters’ Trust members and loan-note holders, this is a good starting point, while the blog’s comprehensive search facility makes ‘browsing’ simple.

Mortonjag vowed from the outset that the truth would receive full exposure, and the journey is nearing its end!

Returning to matters more frivolous, and coming soon, it’s that magic number seventy seven!cropped-fotoflexer_photo48.jpg

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