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In come tired legs and out goes a dynamo but it’s all part of the great plan and we’re only in year one! Have patience little ones – Rome wasn’t built in a day as St. Mirren and Livingston will be quick to confirm!


The fans are being ‘taken for a ride’ by a penny-pinching Board of Directors with less vision than Little Stevie, but none so blind as those who will not see and it’s no wonder they’re constantly bitching on the Morton Forum.

Naughty Beaver Baxter download puts the boot into another poster for daring to differ elsewhere, Jammy Mallard asks,’What page?’, and desperate for attention, Rousselle Van Bumshaften snaps at the bait like a starving mackerel!

Only on The Morton Forum folks, where Ed’s cousin Colin has them twisted around his little finger! 



Coming later – details of that near tragedy in Salou –

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and tomorrow the Very Reverend Stuart Duncan is back in the pulpit with more inspiring words of wisdom!

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