In a fraudulent signed witness statement, ex – Greenock Morton F.C. director Stuart Duncan attempted to pervert the course of justice 

This link commences the evidence (CLICK).

…and this one shows incontrovertible proof. (CLICK)


Mr. Duncan cannot forgive this humble blogger for exposing his criminality, and recently published a series of defamatory allegations purporting to demonstrate FAILURE on Mortonjag’s part – something which appears richly ironic when ‘Dunco the Clown’ reportedly took early retirement to run a FAILED football academy! (CLICK).

Douglas Rae scuppered the lying con-man’s much publicised ego-trip, but what of the cash raised by hundreds of ‘Morton’ folk who wanted an independent football academy in the area?

Under the guidance of another criminal liar, that was used to ‘kick start’ Crawford Rae’s escape route – the G.M.C.T!



When Dunco the Clown, Nasty Nick, and others lie about Mortonjag’s ‘failures’ they merely underscore their own, and the truth will not be suppressed by fools and trolls! (CLICK)