1/ The Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society Ltd. (‘The Trust’) raised an ill founded Small Claims action against Jim Gallacher in December 2010 after Strathclyde C.I.D. had cleared him of wrongdoing in the Stars of ’79 event while criticising the Trust’s accounting practices.

Mr. Gallacher’s co- organiser Sean Donnelly – a known thief and perjurer – still cannot account for £1210 of his ticket income. He was ‘protected’ by the committee while Mr. Gallacher was pursued for a non-existent debt.


2/ By the Autumn of 2011, and knowing it was destined to fail at a hearing on evidence, the Trust offered to drop the action but refused to indemnify Mr Gallacher or proffer a public apology and so the offer was declined.


3/ Trust Treasurer Nick Robinson, apparently aided and abetted by Mr Gallacher’s Trustee, then incepted a shameless Trust Deed scam which saw true creditors deprived of their rightful dividend. He knew full well that NO DEBT EXISTED. Robinson lied to Trust members and the Trustee, claiming that he had done ‘due diligence’ prior to raising the action. He subsequently repeated his preposterous fib to a court of law. 


 4/ Without properly examining the evidence, and after Robinson had boasted of repercussions being highly unlikely, the Trustee initially adjudicated in favour of the Trust. He was forced to overturn that decision after Mortonjag enlisted the assistance of the Accountant in Bankruptcy.

5/ When the Small Claims action was brought back to court, and dismissed in Mr. Gallacher’s favour on May 9th, his rightful expenses were denied. Critical documentation was apparently unavailable to the sheriff who relied heavily upon false evidence submitted by the pursuer. The matter has been referred in the first instance to the Scottish Sheriff Appeal Court.


6/  Since May 9th, with an appeal pending, despite a contingent debt of £21,000, and without due consultation of the membership, a  substantial sum has apparently been transferred out of the Trust’s account. The outcome of the court action and the potential charge against the Trust are being hidden from the members.

7/ This year’s A.G.M. is now substantially overdue, and the auditors are being blamed. In 2015, no statutory A.G.M. took place at all. The reasons are documented here. 

Mortonjag’s question for G.M.S.T. Chairman Allan Feeney is this.

In view of an impending appeal and possible award of £21k against the Trust, when will you engage with the members to whom you are responsible for your actions, or will you forever remain –