June 03, 2010 

Hi there,

I will, however, have a look at what we have over the weekend.  Do you have a copy of the final version of the spreadsheet setting out costs?  I know a number of items were disputed by the trust but its more to give me a guide in case I should miss headings.

What I want to do is to set up a sort of retrospective budget for the event – i.e. what should we have had and then compare that with what is through the bank.  I can then get a handle on what must have been paid in cash and therefore what should have been in the bucket.  If your man has any info on how many tickets should have been paid for and also what sort of margin was applied to drink price. What was the price of programmes and how many were there? How much was actually in the bucket and what did that represent?

Once I have completed this work, I will then consider my position and discuss it with Chris and Paul.


Everything seemed to be going well. Nick was going to review the figures independently. He emphasised that he would be discussing it with ‘Chris and Paul’ – two NEW committee members. He clearly knew NOTHING about the event itself, and was stressing that he would NOT be consulting Dunco the perjurer and Co.

June 3rd 2010

Thanks Nick.

I’ve just run this past Jim Gallacher. As I said, he was initially a bit cautious, but I have explained that you are not only totally independent on this but will apply professional standards to confidentiality. He is happy to help you with any information, figures etc.


 June 03, 2010 8:53 PM


I will put the numbers together and have already done some bits but I really need the info mentioned in my last mail. I have no axe to grind, merely a desire as one who had no involvement whatsoever to get the thing settled and we can all get on with our lives. 


That was reassuringly unambiguous, and fifteen minutes later Nick confirmed his position to Trust member and fellow accountant,  Iain McGregor of Sydney, Australia.

 3 June 2010 9:08 PM

I have met Ernie on a confidential basis and would ask you to respect that.  I am reviewing on an independent basis (i.e. independent from the “old” trust members) such hard financial information as there is and will consider my position and what action to take after that.


Nothing could be plainer. Nick had been provided with figures and documentation on the very strict understanding of professional integrity and independence.

Mortonjag had provided Nick with all the figures and documentation he needed but he would obviously want to hear the story from both sides too. On the basis of further information he had requested, Jim Gallacher contacted him. Best to hear things ‘from the horse’s mouth’.

Fri, 4 Jun 2010 

Good Morning Nick

I hope you don’t feel I’m being forward by sending you this E-Mail. Obviously it was myself that put the figures together and despite the claims of your fellow committee members I can assure you that I didn’t steal £2890 from The Trust….

He concluded:

I’m prepared to take a gamble, the reason I say gamble is because you are on a committee of men that’s wanting to take me to court and at the moment both parties are communicating though lawyers. I’m therefore offering to meet with you and go through the figures with you, explaining what I can….


Couldn’t say fairer than that!