PIGGERYThe Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust committee has scheduled a special general meeting for this evening at which they will expel Mortonjag for telling the truth. That is of no consequence to Mortonjag, who refuses to be silenced and will continue to publish the truth until justice has been done.


Nick Robinson the Trust accountant KNOWS FULL WELL that Sean Donnelly probably stole some £1210 in ticket money from the ‘Stars of ’79’ event, and despite manipulating the figures he STILL cannot hide the fact and has openly conceded that DONNELLY OWES THE TRUST A MINIMUM OF £535.

A TRULY independent accountant has assessed that deficit as £1210.

WHY is the committee not raising a civil action against Donnelly, as they have done in Jim Gallacher’s case, and WHY is the committee not approaching the police AS THEY DID IN JIM GALLACHER CASE?


Danny Goodwin ‘hated Jim Gallacher’s guts’. He, buddy Morrison, and Stuart Duncan tried to stitch Jim Gallacher up. They were furious because there seemed to be no profit for their ill fated Academy, when the ’79’ event was ‘Not for profit’ and when they had refused to include DVD income of some £1600 to £1800 into the accounts! Donnelly then jumped on the bandwagon to cover his own missing ticket income.

Robinson’s behaviour has been biased, and anything but professional!From the outset he simply chose to believe the lies fed to him by Duncan. He had absolutely no need to do so! He was fully aware of another (and very well documented) side to the story, but he saw an opportunity to gain a foothold in the Morton ‘Establishment’.

In a misguided quest, claimed to be to protect the Trust committee’s ‘reputation’, Robinson has gone to inordinate lengths to ‘prove’ a case against Jim Gallacher after Strathclyde C.I.D.exonerated him, but the Trust committee’s reputation lies in tatters.

Secretary McCorkindale will this evening minute the next stage of their ill fated action, knowing full well that a fellow committee member is a probable thief, AND THAT THEY ARE PROTECTING HIM. 


Six years down the line, the ‘Stars of ’79’ business is FAR FROM CONCLUDED. Mortonjag always insisted that justice would not only be done but would be seen to have been done, and Mortonjag, unlike successive Trust Chairmen, fulfils promises.

Despite dismissal of his ill fated court action G.M.S.T. v Gallacher, the arrogance of Herr Fuhrer Rubberskin and his mute underlings appears to know no bounds. Smug Rubberskin refuses a public apology to Jim Gallacher and his ailing elderly mother who endured seven years of persecution by the pachydermatous Morton director.

While Rubberskin continues to evade the consequences of serious professional misconduct and apparent attempts to pervert the course of justice, his puppet Trust Chairman Feeney seems not bright enough to dissociate the Trust committee from the Fuhrer’s dubious scheming which included protection of the true thief from scrutiny. 

Those low life have escaped publicity – SO FAR, but only on the strength of a flawed expenses decision. That matter is currently being pursued and Mortonjag will update readers as events unfold.



When legalities are finally concluded, other outstanding business may be dealt with. Aiding and abetting theft, and attempting to pervert the course of justice are criminal rather than civil matters!