Does anyone think I like having pictures of me hanging from a tree or having pictures of my house and other personal details published or being called a liar by a man who does not understand the concept of truth!. Regrettably, there is little I can do about that as you cannot win an argument with a madman.’


The following was Mortonjag’s response to a series of inflammatory comments on by the lying accountant Nickelarse Rubberskin. Nickelarse had become so upset by Mortonjag’s persistent publishing of the truth that the vastly experienced solvent abuser insolvency practitioner had deemed himself also to be a vastly experienced psychiatrist!

‘All things come to him who waits’ they say, but almost every axiom has a direct opposite, and time and tide wait for no man – not even for ‘vastly experienced’ insolvency practitioners with palpable designs on power at  provincial Football Clubs….

…. and on the subject of football – to complete a proverbial hat trick – ‘The mills of God  grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small’.

The two years since Stuart Duncan & Co. made a botched attempt to incriminate an  innocent fellow committee member have ground past very slowly, but time has finally run out for the crooked board of the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust.

Chairman Nick Robinson should surely have sought the opinions of folk not embroiled in the Stars of ’79 mess – he has access to a wealth of accounting experience among professional colleagues – before single handedly attempting the impossible.

He did not, and having finally been forced to accept that (as Mortonjag has always stated) his ‘open and shut’ case is fatally flawed, he improvidently grasped at a veritable straw.

That decision has left the Trust committee in the classical ‘LOSE/LOSE’ situation. The very best it can now hope for is dismissal of its own case – a humiliating ‘climb down’ which will not only attract media interest but will also vindicate Mr. Gallacher in the eyes of the people of Inverclyde.

Those ARE the facts of the matter, and before hurling further abuse on, Mr. Robinson will do well to remember that ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’.

Mortonjag’s prediction of the inevitable outcome of Nickelarse’s arrogant stupidity will remain incomplete until such time as Mr. Gallacher has either been PUBLICLY exonerated by Mr. Rubberskin and his cohorts, or the matter receives newspaper coverage. Ongoing legalities regarding expenses have put the latter on hold, but – OMNIA AD EUM VENIT QUI EXPECTAT!