Sticking to the ‘random cuttings’ theme, the following are from G.M.S.T. committee blogs which were part of Paul Gill’s Trust ‘relaunch’. No blogger lasted for more than a couple of posts!!


That ‘certain retired doctor’ had well warned them that until the ‘Stars’ business was settled, a relaunch would fail. They ALL promised full written reports because TOADMEISTER had instilled confidence. He was convinced that he would ‘nail’ Jim Gallacher. Although those guaranteed ‘reports’ will never see the light of day, they imagine that they may now walk away from responsibility!


Following the exposure of ex-Trust Chairman Stuart Duncan’s perjury, any remaining credibility he may still have had – even with the indoctrinated and brain damaged ‘in-crowd’ must now surely have gone!


It was ‘not appropriate to discuss the sensitive matter on a public forum’. Less than a year later the TOADMEISTER and Dr. McCorkindale launched a veritable barrage of misleading ‘legal’ propaganda onto the fans website, while others were denied posting rights by Trust friendly Moderator Johann Schwarz. naziswastika


Vastly experienced LIAR Robinson was FURIOUS when Mortonjag defended his (and Harper MacLeod LL.P.’s) reputation by publishing the actual advice on this blog – so much so that he ‘reported’ Mortonjag for publishing ‘confidential’ information. Meanwhile TOADMEISTER was delivering unsolicited lectures on the finer details of the case to non- Trust members David Edwards and Chris Silver.

FotoFlexer_Photo  FotoFlexer_Photo

If Nick Robinson had not persuaded Mortonjag and Jim Gallacher that he would be acting as an independent reviewing accountant’ as he had promised, he would never have been provided with the figures and documents he subsequently used to persecute Jim in order to further his own ambitions.

No decent self-respecting accountant would EVER have ‘deemed’ that £210 had been ‘placed in a bucket’ by a proven thief and scamster.  No decent self-respecting accountant would EVER have stated in certified accounts for the court and Trustee that £600 had been transferred from one party to another unless he had satisfactory proof of the claimed transaction, but shamed Nick Robinson’s hide is thicker than an elephant’s and he’s not for budging!


There’s that ‘full delegated authority’ again. naziswastika

 If the Trust memberships decides at the forthcoming A.G.M. that Mr. Gallacher is entitled to a public apology, will a membership decision once again be vetoed by legal advice which does not come from the Trust’s lawyer?