M.G.M. launched in Port Glasgow on 6th November 2009, raising £1800 for Stuart ‘Dunco the Clown’ Duncan’s failed football academy. The Gourock guru had taken early retirement to manage his new project but Douglas Rae deemed him ‘Unfit for purpose’!

Yesterday, Mortonjag published excerpts from two of the eleven witness statements collated by ex-policeman Danny Goodwin after he was ‘tasked’ by lying MORTON F.C. DIRECTOR Nick Robinson.

Of the remaining nine, four relate to Dunco’s fabulous £600 Tombola tale. That’s for later when the disturbing details will confound the naivety of any who still credit the ex-Trust Chairman with an iota of integrity!

Paul Gill, Jim McColl, and Tom Watson made essentially factual statements which are now irrelevant, although Mortonjag will forward copies of all eleven to interested parties. (

That leaves those of Danny Goodwin and Andy Morrison – the prime movers in the original ‘stitch-up’, who already had it in for Jim Gallacher long before the event!

Firstly ‘Mr. Plod’ who Mortonjag noted on Tuesday is ‘fairly putting on the beef’!


‘Andy put him in his place’ – OOOOOH DUCKY.  Here’s ‘Mine hero’ – the ongoing purveyor of his very own fairytale version of the ‘Stars’ event – ‘Hen Broon’ Morrison


Those neurotic old sweetie wives were FURIOUS! How DARE anyone seek a sneak peek at their precious DVD! They’d bottled out of organising the event themselves, but flatly refused to let others get on with the job. They also refused to allow the proceeds to be included in the ‘Stars of ’79 accounts – thereby increasing the apparent shortfall by £1800!