Screenshot_7Apart from ticket revenues, profits from the bar should have been the largest source of income from the ‘Stars of ’79’ event, but bar income failed to meet expectations.

Those who originally reported Jim Gallacher to the Police were unaware of the underlying reason. They were correct to suspect theft but not in targeting Jim Gallacher.

The proprietor of the Darroch Bar had given the Trust access to her Cash and Carry account, helped obtain a temporary drinks licence, and specifically agreed to run the bar. She was paid £250 by cheque for those services, but PULLED OUT WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE EVENT.



As ‘Mine Host’ to 280 paying guests, Jim Gallacher had numerous tasks to complete during the evening, and was left with no choice but to delegate the running of the bar. Nicola Hempseed appears to have been the most experienced barmaid, and certainly took control of the till, but failed to inform Jim when she discovered the till roll ‘missing’ early in the event. It wasn’t missing at all. It had been recording but was found to have been torn apart.

Jim only learned of that when it came time to ‘cash up’, and the torn till roll was part of the evidence he provided to the C.I.D. No bar income had been recorded after 9.20 p.m., over three hours before ‘closing time’. Ms. Hempseed and Ms. McNeill were also interviewed by the police, but no charges were brought against anyone.  

For several hours, a dozen bar staff handled substantial quantities of cash, with no accurate accounting for any of it, and what should have been a well organised bar run by Ms. McNeill literally became a ‘free for all’, and apparently not only in terms of grateful drinkers!



Given the eleventh-hour cancellation by Maida McNeill, along with Ms. Hempseed’s ‘interesting’ evidence it was difficult to point a finger of blame at Jim Gallacher, and that was certainly the view of Detective Inspector John Dearie of Strathclyde C.I.D.

Unlike his original ‘stitcher-uppers’, Nick Robinson fully understood why the C.I.D. had ‘cleared’ Jim, as information in the eleven signed witness statements later obtained by Danny Goodwin was integral to his ‘full forensic accounting review’ and formed a critical part of the evidence for his failed Small Claims action and Trust Deed scam. 

With designs on ‘power’ on the Morton scene, however,  the TOADMEISTER was unwilling to let unwelcome evidence stand in his way!

More fun and games from those witness statements soon folks! Big Andy and Mortonjag’s new found buddy – Danny – give it pelters!cropped-fotoflexer_photo65.jpg