Mortonjag’s blog is today honoured by the gentle sayings of two utter scumbags that delightful couple – Sean and Janice Donnelly from Inverkip!

When Mortonjag last had the misfortune to set eyes on that thieving ‘bucketeer’ (at a ‘Ton’ away match) he was informed that Donnelly would ‘piss on his grave’ – much to the amusement of his regular companion.

Here’s erudite Mr. Donnelly of those ‘iffy’ Tartan Army tours, dodgy digiboxes, fiddled meters, disappearing doors and missing £1210 ticket income telling ‘eberyone’ that he ‘cant wait’ for the court case.


It’s on Tuesday Sawny Bean! Why don’t you pop along and meet Mortonjag, ‘snake, scum theif’, Big Gordy, and some of his friends? You’ll be made VERY welcome! 

On to delicate ‘Jan’ whom Mortonjag has encountered once only – again at an away match – where her incomparable foul mouthed expletives gave rise to much amusement and a few shocked stares!


Jan’s also invited to turn up on Tuesday to witness at first hand the raising of H.M.S.Willow!

As Jim Gallacher’s name is about to be cleared once and for all, OVER SEVEN YEARS AFTER STRATHCLYDE C.I.D. FOUND ‘NO CASE TO ANSWER’, it’s an appropriate time to re-publish those examples of the vile abuse and defamation he suffered on at the hands of thieving Donnelly and his delightful lady, while official Morton Photographer and website owner David Bell refused to intervene. Bell also described TEN allegations that Mortonjag had been ‘struck off the medical register’ as ‘banter’, before banning Mortonjag from posting in order to protect thieving Donnelly from scrutiny.

It’s taken a LONG time to clear Jim’s name. Hopefully it won’t take nearly so long to deal with those who have successfully hidden behind G.M.S.T. v Gallacher for over six years!

19123OOOOOOOOOOOO6RETRJUE5JE56UJE3 “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.”