On June 24th 2010, on the eve of their first meeting, G.M.S.T. member Mortonjag emailed the ‘new’ Trust committee, questioning the wisdom of pursuing Jim Gallacher after Strathclyde C.I.D. had cleared him of wrongdoing during the successful ‘Stars of ’79’ celebration. All of the evidence indicated a deficit in his co-organiser’s ticket income – something which was later proven but never acted upon. Sean Donnelly was protected from scrutiny to allow full focus on the wrong man.

Redundant text has been edited out of the following email, but NOTHING has been altered from the original.

Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2010 7:00 AM

To: ‘’ Cc: ‘’; ‘Paul Gill’; ‘C Dunsmore’; ‘’; ‘McCorkindale, Chris’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘ernie newall’

Subject: Trust Committee Meeting – Thursday 24th June 2010.

This is sent to you all as the new Trust committee members.

Going to Court could prove to be a very costly error for the Trust, and certainly requires a mandate from the Membership. The published rules are very clear on that. WE ARE A DEMOCRACY AND MUST BEHAVE DEMOCRATICALLY. In constitutional terms, independent audit can be sought at a future date if that is believed not to have been done.

Something which should concern all of us as Trust members, and which I believe should be questioned this evening is Messrs. Blair and Bryden’s professional situation. They claim to represent ‘The Trust Board’, when in fact they have taken instructions from at best three individuals in a committee of fourteen.  MOST EMPHATICALLY, THEY CANNOT CLAIM TO REPRESENT THE MEMBERSHIP.

My concern as one of your fellow Trust members has always been that justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done.

There is an easy way and a hard way to bring the ‘Stars’ debacle to a conclusion. The latter will probably kill the Trust. With that in mind I sincerely ask you one and all, irrespective of any differences or misunderstandings we may previously have had, to insist that before any decision is reached on further action you are made privy to every item of email correspondence between the ‘Trust’ and Jim Gallacher, and to ALL the pertinent legal documentation.

I’ll willingly provide copies of those documents to you individually. They portray a very different picture from that which has been deliberately publicized, and I’ve already explained more formally that the terms ‘extortion’ and ‘blackmail’ have been used by J.G.’s solicitor.

As a fellow Trust member, I advise you to think VERY CAREFULLY about the following information.  I believed from the outset that something was being hidden, and Stuart has always claimed that a ‘deficit’ exists for the night. He may well be correct, as available figures appear to indicate that £1400 to £1500 of ticket income was not banked. J.G.’s ‘ticket money’ has been accounted for. Sean was responsible for the rest.

I ask you all very sincerely to believe that this matter will, if necessary, be pursued to a conclusion. Funding (from an independent source) is not an issue, as a satisfactory outcome will outweigh everything else. 

It’s for all of you as a committee representing all of the members to ensure that things are now done in a manner which involves as little further damage as possible to everyone involved, but more importantly TO THE TRUST. You are responsible for your actions on behalf of a Membership which expects you to safeguard its interests. I ask you to take that responsibility very seriously tonight.

Ernie Newall.

The following day, ordinary committee member Nick Robinson left a message on Mortonjag’s landline suggesting that in supporting Mr. Gallacher, Mortonjag had ‘backed the wrong horse’, and advising him to ‘get out’. He then sent formal email excluding Mortonjag from further contact with the committee and vice versa. It hadn’t taken the TOADMEISTER long to wield power and reveal his true colours! 

Over three years later Mortonjag learned the truth about that meeting when a retired committee member explained that they had NOT been shown the evidence Mortonjag had cited, although they had acted in good faith. They had deliberately been misinformed by Chairman Stuart Duncan and older committee members whom they had had no reason to disbelieve.

Concealed from them was a string of FIFTY FOUR emails shared among the old committee members immediately after the event. Those reeked of ‘stitch up’, and were described by Mr Gallacher’s solicitor as ‘tantamount to blackmail’ and ‘attempted extortion’.

Along with a litany of other damning evidence, including perjurious witness statements, they will be made public when legalities are complete.


At Chairman Stuart Duncan’s request, Mortonjag had agreed to act as an intermediary between the Trust committee and Jim Gallacher, and had had separate lengthy meetings with committee members Paul Gill and Nick Robinson. In good faith the latter had been provided with documentation and figures only available from Mr. Gallacher, on the understanding that he would review both sets of accounts in an attempt to resolve the ongoing dispute.

Robinson had guaranteed to fellow accountant and Trust member Iain McGregor and to Mortonjag that he would act as an ‘independent reporting accountant’ (his expression), and had promised to examine the evidence ‘independent of the old guard’ (again his words).



With Mortonjag ‘cancelled out’, Robinson and Trust Secretary Chris McCorkindale sought a meeting with Jim Gallacher’ – ‘a friendly across the table discussion’ in an attempt to reach resolution they claimed, and on that basis they met in the offices of Morisons solicitors on 6th August 2010.

That ‘friendly across the table discussion’ failed to materialise! Bully boy Robinson flatly refused to discuss co – organiser Sean Donnelly’s apparent deficit of £1210, asserting that ‘they were only there to discuss Mr Gallacher’s figures’. He then DEMANDED, to the amusement of solicitor Paul McNairney, who declined, that Mr. Gallacher ‘make him an offer’!

Agreement WAS reached, however, regarding the co-organiser’s apparent deficit. As soon as ‘an internal investigation’ was complete, Morisons would be informed of the outcome. They never were.

Four months later, and without a shred of factual evidence to support his case, the TOADMEISTER raised a Small Claims action against Jim Gallacher on the strength of his subsequently invalidated ‘accounts’.

The six year long ‘silly season’ had kicked off with a bang!!