When HABITUAL LIAR AND TOADMEISTER Nick Robinson intercepted Mortonjag’s email to the Morton Trust Secretary, those characteristically dismissive responses were for the benefit of his gutless committee colleagues whom he’d ‘copied in’. His purpose was to malign and discredit Mortonjag regarding the contents of a letter sent to the Trust Secretary. 

When the TOADMEISTER claimed that he had written to the Trustee and the Accountant in Bankruptcy ‘asking for their comments on what transpired’. THE MORTON F.C. DIRECTOR WAS LYING!

The following have been ‘trimmed down’ to save space, but absolutely nothing has been altered, and originals are available on request.

Here firstly is the TOADMEISTER to ‘Carrington Dean’ – a blubbering ‘Dear Iain’ letter to his fellow bean counter seeking support against evil Mortonjag! 


The very last thing that ‘Dear Iain’ wanted was for the mess to be stirred up again, and his response speaks for itself!


Nothing more was ever heard of that letter TOADMEISTER claimed he’d written to A.I.B. deputy C.E.O. John Cook! PRESUMABLY THE MORTON F.C. DIRECTOR WAS AGAIN LYING!

Far from ‘going to the top’, Mr. Robinson deliberately bypassed Barry Simpson of the A.I.B.’s Trust Deed Team whose contact details Mortonjag had provided. Mr. Simpson had all the answers the TOADMEISTER purported to want, but Nick Robinson knew full well that what went on between the A.I.B. and the Trustee was absolutely none of his business.

Instead, the past master of abusing professional status to his own advantage deviously composed this (much condensed) piece of entirely irrelevant gobbledegook. There is no mention of Mr Gallacher’s Trust Deed let alone an enquiry about ‘what had transpired’…..


The inevitable gobbledegook response confirmed for all to behold that TOADMEISTER had adhered to proper procedure in a hypothetical matter entirely unrelated to Mr. Gallacher’s Trust deed!


Nick Robinson’s arrogance prevents him from accepting that his Trust Deed scam went ‘tits up’. The Greenock Morton F.C., and Greenock Morton Community Trust director remains determined to ‘save face’ no matter the cost to the Morton Supporters’ Trust.

That is why G.M.S.T. v Gallacher has dragged on for almost another year with defence costs up by £3k in the process. 

That that has been permitted to happen by repeatedly warned committee colleagues charged with the wellbeing of the Trust is indefensible.

‘Robinson v Gallacher’ is anything but a concept!

Perceptive readers may be wondering how Mortonjag has ‘come by’ the correspondence published above. It was designed to ‘convince’ the Toadpoles of Mortonjag’s lying skullduggery, and was submitted to Blair & Bryden – presumably with similar intent.

Why copies were then forwarded to Harper Macleod LL.P. remains a matter for conjecture!

Coming soon – other Trust members begin to ask questions of Plonker Feeney and the sycophantic Toadpoles!