When Mortonjag was expelled from the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust in 2011 allegedly for ‘bringing its name into disrepute’, he was being punished for ridiculing a committee whose ill-conceived attempts to stitch up an innocent man had already brought the Trust into disrepute!

That was apparent to all except the committee, although in 2011 there was a semblance of democracy within the G.M.S.T.


Last year Mortonjag applied to rejoin the Trust. When he was informed that his request would be considered under ‘A.O.B.’ – an unconstitutional procedure –  his solicitor advised that he should be permitted to attend as an ‘interested party’ – albeit only to observe proceedings. When Mortonjag put that to the Trust Secretary (whose remit it is to deal with such matters), his email was immediately forwarded to the TOADMEISTER. The ‘Fuhrer’ then assumed command – claiming to be responding ‘because of the nature of the questions posed’.

NO questions were posed. Mortonjag just wanted to sit in on the meeting, but the TOADMEISTER was desperate to keep Mortonjag away from that A.G.M. at all costs, and didn’t miss the opportunity for a few ‘home truths’ while he was at it!


More on that next time folks, and WELL worth the wait! 

Meanwhile, according to the TOADMEISTER – ‘Our secretary was perfectly entitled to ignore your recorded delivery letters which are frankly, little short of harassment.’ ….

‘Our’ secretary is Mr. Gallacher’s secretary, and Mr. Dyer’s secretary, and Mr. D. Newall’s secretary, and Mrs Newall’s secretary, and every other Trust member’s secretary. TOADMEISTER and ‘his’ secretary were elected to SERVE the membership, but more importantly TOADMEISTER has lost sight of the concept of a mandate from that membership!  

Eventually the TOADMEISTER lost patience!


‘With regard to G.M.S.T. representation’….‘Blair and Bryden will confirm this’,

Here’s what Harper Macleod asked Blair & Bryden to confirm on 30th June 2016.


It was PRECISELY because Blair & Bryden failed to answer Harper Macleod’s query that Mortonjag wrote to the Secretary. Instead of dealing with a legitimate query on behalf of a member, as was her constitutional remit, she reported the matter to him who must be obeyed! 

To have described Mortonjag’s polite and legitimate correspondence which merely echoed the unanswered question posed by Harper Macleod as ‘harassment’ typified the bunker mentality at TOAD CENTRAL!

When later challenged on the ‘mandate’ issue, Mr. Harvey explained that Blair & Bryden had been taking instructions in good faith from the Trust Chairman, on the basis of ‘full delegated authority’.

Until recently, the solicitors had no reason to doubt that ‘authority’, BUT it never existed! At a committee meeting in 2011, the TOADMEISTER was nominated to LIAISE with the solicitors and was to feed back to his colleagues. Instead, the TOADMEISTER, SIMPLY TOOK OVER, while the rest gazed on in awe as the ‘vastly experienced’ insolvency practitioner proceeded to gamble away the members’ money in order to cement a foothold on the Morton scene.

What of the Trust membership – the folks who are SUPPOSED to matter – those hundreds of faithful Morton people who stumped up £120k in the mistaken belief that it would be responsibly managed, and who loyally continue to part with their £10 – year in, year out?

They have never been consulted on an issue which may potentially ‘bankrupt’ the Trust.

The concept of Robinson v Gallacher is anything but ‘nonsensical’! 


NEXT UP – the truth about those letters to Carrington Dean and The Accountant in Bankruptcy!