On 30th June 2016, The Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society Ltd. reached another milestone in its chequered history when yet another A.G.M. failed to take place within statutory time limits.

With G.M.S.T. v Gallacher back in court, an A.G.M. was the last thing TOADMEISTER wanted. Could he successfully body swerve a second successive A.G.M and again laughingly claim that they had ‘never seemed to get around to it’?

Mortonjag’s regular readers will recall that in 2015, the TOADMEISTER hastily shelved a bragging valedictory speech which contained the following:

‘Nick took over at a particularly difficult time for the trust in the aftermath of the Stars of 79 night and the related possible court action. That has been overcome and the trust has reason to believe that any further repercussions are highly unlikely.’

Those ‘further repercussions’ had arrived right on Nasty Nick’s doorstep just as his hapless committee was coming under increasing pressure to hold that A.G.M. More than a few members and debenture holders had become concerned that substantial costs might be awarded against the Trust, and his gutless ‘Toadpoles’ had received several requests for information from and on behalf of members who believed that the Trust’s solicitors were representing the interests of an individual or individuals rather than those of the membership as a whole.

When the A.G.M. was finally announced, G.M.S.T. v Gallacher had been deliberately omitted from the agenda. Secretary Sellar informed the enquiring Mortonjag that it would be ‘discussed under ‘A.O.B.’.  ‘Plus ca change’ at TOAD CENTRAL, but at least it was to be discussed!

The big day arrived  – two months overdue – at 7 p.m. on 6th September, but only twelve hardy souls turned up — six committee members and six minions. That failed to constitute the obligatory quorum for a General meeting, but ‘Stuff the rules’ is ‘de rigueur’ at TOAD CENTRAL, and – just to illustrate the point – business was carried on from the 2014 A.G.M without a whisper about the previous year’s omission! Members were neither presented with the 2014 accounts nor were they entertained by the contents of the TOADMEISTER’S infamous Directors’ report.

With nothing of import on the agenda, ‘Any Other Business’ was soon  announced – but unlike normal ‘A.O.B.’s, it wasn’t for questions from the floor. This, after all, was TOAD CENTRAL,  where ‘Nick would continue to be a member of the board until after the court case has been decided and then he will stand down. confirmed suspicions that his clueless committee knew bugger all about the scandalous Trust Deed scam involving correspondence with ‘Dear Iain’!

Here’s Secretary Sellar at her literary best!


There are a number of issue that need to be addressed, which is as follows:

The trust identified a short fall in money after the Stars of 79 event and decided to take proceedings….

….This action has now come back and is ongoing.  The trust offered to walk away with each party to pay their own costs, however, this has not been accepted by the other party as they are wishing to recover their costs…..

….A circular will be sent to the members to outline the options for the Trust…..

….It was suggested that we have an EGM and it was asked if Jim Gallaher was willing to be excluded due to the conflict of interests.  This was proposed by SD and this was seconded by Eric Marshall. 

So there it was in black and white – progress at last. A circular would be sent to the members outlining the options available to the Trust, and they would subsequently be asked to vote on the matter at an Extraordinary General Meeting – EXACTLY what should have happened back in 2010 when Dunco the Clown bowed to pressure from Constable Goodwank and Hen Broon Morrison!

Democracy had prevailed for the first time in seven years at TOAD CENTRAL, but fat Plonker Feeney, the newly enthroned Chairman had other ideas, chuckle, chuckle!


More next time folks when Plonker Feeney acts on ‘legal advice’!