Had the person or persons instructing the Trust’s solicitors (The Pursuer) agreed to dismissal with whatever expenses the Sheriff deemed appropriate when G.M.S.T. v Gallacher resumed in court almost a year ago, the matter may have concluded relatively peacefully, but far from indemnifying Jim Gallacher, ‘The Pursuer’ refused even to proffer an apology for having dragged an innocent man’s name through the mud for over six years.


Only TOADMEISTER Robinson and fat ‘Plonker’ Feeney, remained of that starry-eyed bunch who endorsed civil action back in 2010 despite Trust member Mortonjag’s sincere caveats.

Had the rest of the committee of 2016 subsequently listened to Mortonjag’s advice and dissociated themselves from G.M.S.T. v Gallacher, the case would have collapsed, leaving them free (along with the members as a body) to pursue the perpetrators individually for whatever costs may be awarded against the Trust – hence Mortonjag’s approach to Secretary Mary Sellar, asking whether or not the committee had endorsed that preposterous incidental application.

Mortonjag could not have put things more plainly.


When she failed to respond, Mortonjag approached board member and Inverclyde Councillor Chris McEleny. He too was asked if the committee had been party to those instructions to Blair & Bryden, but for a second time Mortonjag drew blanks –both to an informal approach and to recorded delivery mail. Cllr. McEleny later resigned from the board, having proposed an S.G.M. which was subsequently vetoed on ‘legal advice’ of which the Trust’s solicitor had no knowledge!

Informal approaches to  fat Plonker Feeney, Ryan Deegan, Claire Melville, and Laura Wohlgemuth were also ‘blanked’, and email was blocked. Not one of them would answer Mortonjag’s polite enquiries. Such was their solidarity that it seemed either to be standard policy to snub enquiries on behalf of members, or that in Mortonjag’s case, they were forbidden to respond!


Meanwhile Trust member Gordon Dyer wanted to know who was  instructing the solicitors, ostensibly on his behalf, but when he began to enquire of the committee, he too was ostracised, accused of ‘harassment’, and threatened with ‘further action’ by one board member. When he then posed legitimate questions on the Trust’s Twitter and Facebook pages his accounts were promptly blocked! 

He did, however, glean one helpful piece of information from a recently resigned board member who volunteered that ‘in the three years he had served on the committee, never once had he been consulted on G.M.S.T. v Gallacher.’ That confirmed what Mortonjag had learned in 2013 from two retired members of the original committee who stated that after the civil action had been approved, ‘Nick dealt solely with the solicitors’.

The committee of the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust has rejected sound advice, preferring to tread excrement in the TOADMEISTER’s stinking cesspool.

They cannot claim that they were not warned.


….AND LATER – Mortonjag tries to rejoin the Trust!