Mortonjag lodged a complaint with the Accountant in Bankruptcy on 22nd December 2015 – arguing that:

1/ The Trustee in accepting the G.M.S.T.’s claim without fully examining all available evidence had unreasonably favoured the Trust, and:

2/ The Trustee, in suspending adjudication without addressing his client’s objection favoured the Trust by obstructing progress of the court action.

Mortonjag had asked the Trustee to reconsider the Trust’s claim based on the submission from Harper Macleod, but he refused to cooperate, and ultimately Mr. Dean of Carrington Dean defended his actions, before terminating correspondence and ‘ticking off’ Mortonjag for raising legitimate concerns!

Mortonjag’s readers will recall the following unambiguous statement:


Two months after the complaint was lodged, and despite a cornucopia of chicanery and obfuscation by Carrington Dean, the A.I.B. finally ‘got its man’!


Mortonjag’s readers must be asking themselves whatever became of the Trustee’s telephone call and email correspondence with Mr Gallacher. Were those opposing sets of figures Mr. Forsyth claimed to have examined just an optical illusion, and what of that ‘position’ he had reviewed. Was his sex life becoming jaded?

Mortonjag’s readers must also be asking themselves about that ‘SUFFICIENT DOCUMENTATION WHICH HAD BEEN SUBMITTED’ IN SUPPORT OF THE TRUST’S CLAIM.

Apparently it had all been a wee mistake, but even then Carrington Dean couldn’t quite get their story together properly with the Trustee, as ever, contriving to make things as clear as mud!

haggis humper

The beleaguered bean counter had, however, conceded that the Trust’s claim was initially admitted ‘in error’.


Seemingly there had been ‘insufficient supporting evidence’ all along, just as Harper Macleod had proved in intricate detail in an eight page submission in December 2011!



All of the available evidence points to complicity between TOADMEISTER and Mr. Forsyth, but it is not for Mortonjag to judge such matters, and when G.M.S.T. v Gallacher is finally concluded, and as advised by the A.I.B., Mortonjag will refer the matter to others for investigation.

Next up. Jim Gallacher recalls the case and the Trust committee’s shenanigans continue!

It just gets funnier folks!