That’s the Chairman of the GREENOCK MORTON SUPPORTERS’ TRUST – the second largest shareholder in the Club with a holding of some £120k in shares. With a background in marketing and a degree in management, you’d imagine that Allan would be the ideal person to drive the Trust forward BUT – never judge a book by its cover!

Here’s Allan at his ‘Fat plonker’ best on the Morton fans’ message board:


They just can’t stop talking about ‘Ernie’ despite the best efforts of REPTILE – JOHN BLACK et alia, but Ed de Ball is his own man, and Ed has them wrapped around his little finger too!

Fat plonker Feeney lives ‘in a world of make believe’!

Who else would have credited the lies and spin of sick Nick Robinson who – ALLEGEDLY WITH THE BACKING OF THE TRUST MEMBERSHIP – deprived genuine creditors of a rightful dividend in a shocking and reprehensible TRUST DEED SCAM?

After May 9th, the ‘Stars of ’79’ story will be publicised. They don’t discuss it on the fans’ message board – much too busy red-dotting ‘dickheads’ and saying ‘Hi’ to the wrong people!