Traditionally, March is a blustery, windy month which ‘goes out like a lamb’ – and on the topic of wind and bluster, here’s Dunco the Clown at his ‘blawin’ oot ma erse’ best!Screenshot_12


There were less than a dozen folk on the public benches of that small courtroom, and Dunco the Clown was not among them. Not a soul turned up in support of the TOADMEISTER’S lost cause, save  for Peter Harvey of Blair & Bryden, with whom Mortonjag exchanged pleasantries before and after the hearing.

Jim was there as ever! He, Gordon, and Mortonjag met up before court for a chat.  Gordon was appointed by the Sheriff Clerk as Mortonjag’s official ‘note taker’ on account of the latter’s ‘cloth ears’!

We were not alone, however, as no fewer than four others turned up to offer support and encouragement.

All four attended the ‘Stars of ’79’ event, and two (one of whom is a retired Police Officer) would have given evidence against Dunco the Clown, had the TOADMEISTER’s case not collapsed. Another of that group is a well respected local accountant and a Trust member.

There was the inevitable coffee and ‘post-mortem’ after the hearing – all disappointed that the expected decree in Jim’s favour had not materialised, but Sheriff Hamilton had been inadvertently ‘tied up’ with an ongoing criminal trial and Sheriff Fleming had not had time to study the submissions.

In the event, his Lordship graciously deferred the hearing for longer than usual to allow Mortonjag to await delivery of new hearing aids!


Dunco the Clown’s preposterous fibbing is  understandable, as he has good reason to despise Mortonjag without whose intervention the ‘stitch up’ of Jim would have succeeded, and he would forever have been branded in  Inverclyde as a common criminal.

No such excuse is available to that inveterate lying sociopath John Black, who was NOT ‘HOME THREE WEEKS AGO’.

That sad apology for humanity was studying this blog at least twice a day from his accustomed Eire IP addresses throughout the time he claims to have been in the U.K., and continues to do so – albeit less frequently, from  his new IP address! Once a liar, always a liar!

Interestingly, Black is unknown to any of the aforementioned group, just as Mark Touzeau and the other lads had never heard of him. He apparently disappeared from Greenock over twenty years ago and has not been missed.

There was universal amusement at ‘Just another unwelcome on-line pest’, while ‘That shit stirrer has great difficulty in disentangling truth from fiction’ produced several titters!

Once the decree has been granted, the full nature of the ‘Stars of ’79’ business can be made public as has been arranged, allowing Mortonjag to deal with hitherto dormant issues.

Mortonjag and the others are grateful to greenockmorton.org for ongoing and invaluable publicity at just the right time.