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The truth will eventually out and rest assured I will do all in my power to get the Trust members money back…….. yes it is all very sad, but no-one is going to get away with stealing members money. It is such a shame that this has blackened such a great night, but unfortunately money was stolen and that really is the bottom line.

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MJ – this will be my last post on the matter. It is a personal statement.
I am 100% confident that I have the evidence required to get the trust members money back from one individual.
I have prepared a full report on the matter which will be published at the appropriate time.
I had kept away from the topic due to all the rumour, innuendo, guesswork while I worked away in the background to get to the whole truth of the matter, especially in the circumstances of there being a lack of a papertrail.
I have not sat idly by – I have done my utmost to make a thorough investigation as has been practically possible based on the experience of my former employment.
In the fullness of time ALL THE FACTS pertaining to the missing money will be published and there for all to see.
In my position of being a Trust Board member I am duty bound to to protect shareholders money, but even at that, as an individual I will not stand by and do nothing when members money has been misapropriated.
As I have said, I will post the FACTS of the matter at the appropriate time for everyone to see. And I will repeat, I am 100% confident in getting the Trust members money back. 

Stuart Duncan  Jan 31 2010, 05:03 PMPost #56 

Try new glasses!!
I can answer that and it will also be my last post on the subject. I have a detailed account of all moneys paid into the Trust account and all monies paid out of the Trust account for the event. And a very clear paper trail with both cheque stubs and pay in book stubs backed up by Trust bank account statements from the BOS.
There is a very clear deficit of £1600 for the event.
BTW I agree with Danny summation given he has also made enquiries of people the police didn’t talk to.

 Stuart Duncan‘Couldn’t disagree with you more Ian. Its was always our intention to fully investigate further, after the police decided not to act, before taking legal advice. Its just taken us longer than we thought to get to everyone we wanted to speak to. But we are confident of getting a result one way or another. It may even once more become the subject of a police investigation’.

se65an May 9 2010, 12:19 PM  Post 11

More than 30secs have lapsed and no reply…

I wonder why.

Was it something to do with your robbing mate of 30 years? 

se65an  May 9 2010, 12:38 PM  Post #21

Question again for you, are you happy someone stole from the Trust? 2nd time I asked

 se65an  Post #30 

OK here is my response to you and to you…….
Jim Gallacher stole money from the Trust. 

 se65an May 9 2010, 03:58 PM Post #48

Another question is, what do you feel about thiefs? Is it ok to rob from a Morton Trust

se65an  12:20 PMPost #22 

Ok, I note you have friends you say and mention that alot. One of them is a robbing git who steals from charities, so I think I will listen to people I trust.

se65an Today, 01:43 PMPost #178 

Now in my mind this makes you out to be a thief 

se65an Today, 02:32 PMPost #229
….Your a snake, scum, theif and you don’y care the impact you have on others.

‘jan65ton’ ‘Apr 18 2010, 10:33 AM’  (Janice Donnelly)

 ‘see if you were regretful an said sorry at firstwhen u were caught …. 

….ure nothing but a nasty piece of s*** the word is poison thats what u are. ure sunk willowman bye for ever i hope’ xx 


So am a ‘chameleon'( to big a word for me) yet you believe the word of a thief.