Saturday, 13 November 2010


Two intelligent professional men – Trust loan note holders David Edwards and ‘TAFKAC’ have commented that (like Mortonjag’s brother who ‘invested’ £1000) they believe in the concept  of a fans’ Trust but are disillusioned by the events of the last year at the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society.
 It is apparent that a  ‘relaunch’  is  required if ‘The Trust’ is to survive the well documented financial shambles that was ‘The Stars of ’79’ celebration overseen by Stuart Duncan the Trust Chairman. 
Paul Gill, the Mancunian committee member behind the current ‘relaunch’ and a newcomer to Inverclyde, flagrantly discounts the fact that  he deliberately chose to accept Stuart Duncan’s version of events  at a committee meeting on 24th June where they unanimously agreed to the ongoing pursuit of Trust member Jim Gallacher in a dubious attempt to justify blatantly defamatory allegations of theft made by committee members Goodwin and Donnelly.  Goodwin’s statement WAS RATIFIED IN WRITING BY DUNCAN, something which may ultimately prove embarrassing for Douglas Rae the owner of Greenock Morton F.C. of which Duncan is a director.
 All present at that meeting  were well aware of an unexplained deficit of some £1500 in Sean Donnelly’s ticket income from the ‘Stars’ event, as the Trust solicitor had previously been asked for an explanation by Mr. Gallacher’s legal representative – a request which Messrs. Blair and Bryden chose to ignore.
Nevertheless it was stated  immediately thereafter that they had ‘examined all of the evidence’, and that they supported the actions of the committee to date.
Mr. Robinson the Trust treasurer who declined to have anything to do with Mr. Gallacher despite the latter’s offer to ‘go through all of the figures with him’ refused in a subsequent ‘across the board’ meeting to discuss Donnelly’s deficit while attempting to ‘bully’ Mr. Gallacher into ‘making an offer’ – something which is on record. Inexplicably Robinson  has failed to fulfil a promise to the membership to supply the findings of a sub committee of three (of which Donnelly is a member) set up to examine the  evidence after ‘ALL OF THE EVIDENCE HAD BEEN EXAMINED’. Even more bizarrely he states that the outcome  ‘is of no concern’ to Mr. Gallacher – a bona fide Trust member!
The silent majority undoubtedly perceives that a relaunch is  required if the Trust is to survive the financial shambles overseen by Mr. Duncan. Unfortunately for all who care about the Trust, the current committee appears to have burned its boats.