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More fun and laughter from the G.M.S.T. committee! Where exactly are the members supposed to seek this full information?
After all, the trial should by now be done and dusted, and arch criminal James Gallacher despatched to Botany Bay, or better still, thrown to the lions.
Mrs Mortonjag – a Trust member – sought the promised update on the official Trust website.


Nothing to be seen there, so following advice she tried to contact the Secretary Chris McCorkindale. The link didn’t work. Somewhat concerned that her £10 might better have been donated to the Retired Greyhounds Trust, she was about to contact the Chairman – Mr. Robinson – when Mortonjag reminded her that everything of importance regarding G.M.S.T. v Gallacher is published right here!

 No charges in fan cash probe

30 Jan 2010

A POLICE probe into the alleged disappearance of thousands of pounds from a Morton fans’ fundraiser has ended in no charges being brought.

The Tele recently revealed detectives had been called in by Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust after they suspected a substantial four-figure sum had vanished from their recent Stars of 1979 night.

But officers have now completed their investigation – and say no one will be prosecuted.

Detective Inspector John Dearie, of Greenock CID, said: “We interviewed the individual at the centre of it and the end result is there will be no charges.

“There is no criminality we can see at this stage to prove any charges. There has to be a proper paper trail and accounts and in this case that was missing. It is a civil matter between the organisation and individual.” DI Dearie also confirmed his team had established a small shortfall in funds from the event, which was held in November to honour the famous Ton team from 30 years ago.

He said: “There is a shortfall of a small amount of cash but this is probably due to the haphazard way it was organised.

“The shortfall is not a significant sum and nowhere near the sums talked about initially – it could be accounted for by bad business practice.” Proceeds from the Stars of 79 night were earmarked for a new football academy which will nurture young players.

Today, Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust said they were ‘extremely disappointed’ by events surrounding the charity night.

Chairman Stuart Duncan said: “The supporters’ trust has organised many successful fundraising events over the years where we have raised a great deal of money that has gone to Morton youth – such as the Champions’ Party in Greenock Sports Centre and last year’s fans’ game at Cappielow, which raised £5,000.

“We are extremely disappointed the Stars of 1979 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1,600.

“The Supporters’ Trust may pursue a civil action to recover money and items which are still due to them.”