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Stealing the money is one thing and should not be over looked.

What I really, really can’t understand, is that, once caught, you have not done the decent thing and repaid the money, but you choosed to drag the Trust, Danny, Stuart and myself through the mud.

You have played a game with your own mates and caused a few to fall out with each other over this.

You have lied to me constantly even when I asked you not to and tell me the truth.

I backed you to the hilt, until I realised you where taking me for a mug, and lying to me as well as the Trust.

I begged you to do the right thing, but you flung that back in my face and started rumours that it was me that stole the money. From there it all starts on here.

Jim, I tell you now, I want this to go to court 100%, as the truth will all come out. And despite what your so called mates do to stop it will go to court.