Above is an excerpt from the minutes of the recent A.G.M. of the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust. At least they had one this year, albeit months late! Last year’s was binned after Nick Robinson’s shameful Trust Deed scam went ‘tits up’, and the F.C.A. has been informed. More of that soon folks.

Those minutes wouldn’t credit a Primary Three child, yet the disjointed and semi-literate ‘pigs’ breakfast’ is the work of a fully grown woman who purportedly has a canary up the leg o’ her drawers and is ‘Awful busy’- but Mortonjag digresses.

Apparently those Trust members who are deemed suitable will receive a ‘circular’ revealing the latest offering from Auld Nick’s book of dirty tricks, and if the suggested E.G.M. ever gets off the ground the usual two or three non-committee members in attendance may even be asked to approve!!….

….but the big question, which he twice asked Mr. Gallacher at  the Trust’s latest constitutional shambles was  ‘WHAT IS SUBSTANTIAL?’


The hearing of G.M.S.T. v Gallacher may very well conclude exactly seven years after that hugely successful Stars of ’79 celebration.

That’s surely a SUBSTANTIAL time to await justice, Mr. Robinson.