GMST AGM Meeting

Tuesday 6th September 2016 @ 7.00pm

Attendees:  Nick Robinson, Mary Sellar, Allan Feeney, Claire Melville, Laura Woghlemuth, Chris McEleny, Jim Gallaher, Eric Marshall, Hamish MacLeod, Stuart Duncan, Ian Miller

 Proxy Votes:  27

 Apologies:  Ryan Deegan, Andrew Ward

  1. NR welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. AOB

There are a number of issue that need to be addressed, which is as follows.

 The trust identified a short fall in money after the Stars of 79 event and decided to take proceedings again the person involved. However, this person was involved in a Trust Deed and it was felt that this would be pointless as we could not recover the monies owing.  This action has now come back and is ongoing.  The trust offered to walk away with each party to pay their own costs, however, this has not been accepted by the other party as they are wishing to recover their costs.  A date in November has been set for court with one day currently being set aside by the judge.  The position of the Trust is that if we accept offer to settle we will need to pay substantial costs.

A circular will be sent to the members to outline the options for the Trust and Jim Gallaher was asked the question, what does substantial mean?

Chris McEleny raised the point that it was unfair for Jim Gallaher to be present since we are discussing an active court case in which he is involved.  Chris felt that it was academic since if there was a large claim awarded then the Trust would just be wound up and is only liable for the amount that the Trust has available.

It was suggested that we have an EGM and it was asked if Jim Gallaher was willing to be excluded due to the conflict of interests.  This was proposed by SD and this was seconded by Eric Marshall.     Jim Gallaher was in agreement not to attend the meeting. 

Meeting closed 20.03.