Thursday, 26 April 2012


On June 24th 2010 the Committee of the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society Ltd. held a ‘watershed’ meeting which was designed to secure the future of the Trust. 
At what was a ‘first’ for the youthful new committee members, Paul Gill and Nick Robinson had promised to challenge the ‘Old Brigade’ over its handling of the ‘Stars of ’79’ fiasco, BUT THEY DID NOT. 
That was because those two had known full well in advance what the outcome would be! 
The Trust committee’s lawyers had already given the nod to legal action, Robinson and Chairman Stuart Duncan had agreed on the way ahead, and between the two of them, ably abetted by Paul Gill, essential figures had been ‘conned’ from Jim Gallacher. Those figures would be used to manufacture a deficit for the Stars event.  Duncan had already convinced Robinson of his ‘open and shut’ case which, allied to the latter’s manipulations, they imagined would guarantee success in the planned Small Claims action. That was put to the new committee members who accepted it unquestioningly.
All that remained was to deal with the formal request from Trust member Mortonjag – a request which Paul Gill had GUARANTEED the Chairman would answer!
Those new committee members had VERY CLEARLY AND POINTEDLY been asked to study in depth the thirty four emails exchanged between Mr. Gallacher and  the ‘Old Brigade’ before the latter involved the police. They were VERY CLEARLY AND POINTEDLY asked to defer any decision until that had been done, and Mortonjag had offered to furnish copies if required.  Some of those emails were described by Mr. Gallacher’s solicitor as ‘nothing short of blackmail and attempted extortion’.
Secondly, the new committee members were asked VERY CLEARLY AND POINTEDLY to address an apparent deficit of some £1500 in Sean Donnelly’s ticket income.
With only a few basic ‘Trust’ figures which Robinson had promised to examine INDEPENDENTLY, and without asolitary shred of hard documentary evidence – merely Stuart Duncan’s hitherto unproven allegations, he sent to Mortonjag an email which included: 
On Behalf Of

Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 3:19 PM

The Stars of 79 night

I refer to the numerous e-mails that have passed from you variously to individual members of the trust board and to groups of members.  All members of the board have now had full access to the papers and computations the “previous” board have prepared in support of their case against Jim Gallagher.  We have also considered this in the light of informal “defences” received from Mr Gallagher, sometimes via yourself.   I think it is fair to say that the new members of the board as a whole now believe that, at the very least, Mr Gallagher has a case to answer.  As a result the board is unanimous in broadly supporting the actions taken to date. 
Nick Robinson CA

Board Member

Practiser Business Recovery and Insolvency Services
No mention there of the thirty four emails, and not a whisper about Donnelly’s missing £1,500!
Protecting the ‘Trust’s reputation’ seemed to be the only thought in Robinson’s mind, and within hours he ‘phoned Mortonjag advising him to ‘get out’, and asserting that he had ‘backed the wrong horse’!

In response to their palpably muted subservience to Duncan, Robinson and the ‘Old Brigade’, Mortonjag (slightly ‘tongue in cheek’) described the ‘newbies’ as ‘bawbags’. That provoked an angry reaction from some.
In particular, Mortonjag’s erstwhile ‘friend’ the devious Mancunian carpetbagger Paul Gill stated in one of his lessvindictive postings :

……but in stark contrast to Gill’s ‘concrete parachute’ attempts to ‘relaunch’ the Trust, the truth had in fact been very well hidden!

 Mr. Gill’s headstrong determination to replace Stuart Duncan as Trust Chairman met with even less success than his ill fated ‘relaunch’. That endeavour was to demand a level of deceit and deviousness to which even Paul could not hope to aspire!

Meanwhile, another ‘newbie motormouth’ who had previously boasted of seeing ‘THE email’ before announcing to an unknown taxi driver immediately after that meeting that ‘they were pursuing (Mr. Gallacher) for over £5,000’ – posted the following in response to ‘TiTon’. (‘TiTon’ had no connection whatsoever with Ernie or ‘Newt’!):

The ‘majority of the board’ referred to the new members who had indeed been uninvolved in the event, but THEY HAD NOT (as he claimed) ‘SEEN ALL EVIDENCE’ relating thereto before ‘deciding what course of action to pursue.’ In truth they had meekly done what they were told to do! 

In stark contrast to Gillan junior’s arrant stupidity, and despite Robinson’s veto, Chris McCorkindale had the decency to write to Mortonjag:

From: McCorkindale, Chris []
Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2010 11:41 AM
To: mairidalglish
Subject: GMST

Hello Ernie,

I thought it might be worth writing to you, on the back of your most recent blog article, entitled ‘Bawbags!’.

I am a bit concerned that you have asked us to look at all of the available evidence, with an open mind, and then react in this way when we do just that,and find that there is proper cause for concern.  For the record, I have looked at all of the available information: information supplied by the Trust Board, information supplied to the Trust Board by Jim Gallagher, and information supplied to us by yourself. On the basis of ALL of that information, I am satisfied that there is sufficient cause for concern to continue, for now, on the current course….

Many thanks,


All well and good Chris, but you mentioned only ‘available evidence’ while body swerving the specific request to examine thirty four emails (and eight text transcripts) which Mortonjag had offered to provide, and yet again you made no mention of Mr. Donnelly’s deficit! 

It is now overwhelmingly obvious that all that mattered at that meeting was that the ‘Old Brigade’ should be allowed to continue its pursuit of Jim Gallacher, in which respect it is also abundantly clear that Messrs. Gill and Robinson (who both had designs on the Chairman’s post) were in cahoots with that ‘Old Brigade’ from the outset.

What DID the ‘newbies’ contribute to that fateful meeting on 24th June 2010? 

Mortonjag recently obtained unsolicited information from a Trust ‘insider’ who claims that NO attempt was made to examine those ‘stitch up’ emails – something which merely confirmed what Mortonjag had known all along.

Given that the self termed ‘new Trust’ is desperate to ‘move on’, (and in a genuine attempt to help Chris McCorkindale and his young colleagues as distinct from the Chairman), Mortonjag recently asked the Secretary to confirm that the ‘newbies’ were ‘gulled’ by Messrs. Duncan, Gill, and Robinson.  

They were after all, mere greenhorns at the time – relative youngsters who didn’t even know each other properly. They could hardly have been expected to question the authority of the establishment, let alone Nick Robinson’s insufferable arrogance.

Mortonjag sent the following:

From: Ernie Newall 

To: McCorkindale Chris
Sent: Saturday, 14 April 2012, 6:32
Subject: Are you able to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Chris.

Hi Chris,

I’m trying to keep my blog less confrontational, and honestly hoping folk will make their own minds up about things over the next couple of years, but one thing is really eating into me….

….I always believed you were trying to do things properly….

….One thing which I considered crucial at the time (in many ways more so than Sean’s deficit) was the entire body of emails which went to and fro between Jim Gallacher and the (then) committee.

We cannot turn the clock back, but I have never believed that the new committee members were given the opportunity to study in detail those emails.

Were you Chris?


After requesting a week’s grace (as he had more pressing matters to deal with), Chris announced that he was ‘a little reluctant’ to go into the matter, but Mortonjag persevered:

From: Ernie Newall 

To: “McCorkindale, Chris”
Sent: Tuesday, 24 April 2012, 15:24
Subject: Re: Are you able to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Chris.

I fully intended to publish the answer on my blog Chris….

….I merely wanted confirmation that you had been ‘gulled’ by the ‘old brigade’ from whom you are trying to distance yourselves. I’ve already had the truth verbally from one of your colleagues!…
….What am I supposed to say now Chris?…


…but after further emails Chris refused to be drawn. The Trust Secretary was unwilling to provide a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.

That leads Mortonjag to conclude that the ‘New’ Trust committee members are NOT prepared to dissociate themselves from that apparently unanimous vote on 24th June 2010. 
THERE IS, THEREFORE, NO ‘NEW TRUST’, nor indeed can there ever be a ‘New Trust’ until the Stars of ’79 issue is finally ‘put to bed’. That hard fact cannot be hidden by a hundred successful ‘fans’ games. 
The perception of Morton fans as a body (a fairly canny bunch) is now that Chris McCorkindale and his colleagues are no more than mouthpieces for Chairman Nick Robinson, who  until his purposes were achieved  remained ‘as thick as thieves’ with the very ‘Old Brigade’ whose actions he is now happy to decry. That is the measure of the current Trust Chairman’s  integrity.
Mortonjag is of the view that with Mr. Robinson at the helm the Trust will simply stagnate further and can NEVER become part of a larger fans’ initiative. ‘Fans uniting’ has NOT failed because of Chris McCorkindale and the other youngsters.
The Stars of ’79 business may still be over two years from court, but the truth will be exposed! That is an absolute promise.
It is only a matter of time.