Below is an email sent by Stuart (‘Dunco the Clown’) Duncan to Trust member Iain McGregor which is published by Mortonjag with the recipient’s full consent.

From: []
Sent: Monday, 13 September 2010 8:34 PM
To: iain_mcgregor
Subject: RE: very sad


I’m about to put you on my blocked senders list. But before I do let me give you some facts. I’ll leave the fiction to others.

Dunco also purveyed his ‘facts’ to the 2010 Trust committee. They cannot claim that Mortonjag did not warn them about the brazen LIAR.

 1.The Stars of ’79 did not make a profit. It will once we get money returned which is owed to the Trust.

The Trust was already well in pocket when DVD income was included – that despite Sean Donnelly’s STILL TO THIS DAY ‘missing’ £1210!

2.I’m neither arrogant, deluded, blinkered, intransigent or a buffoon. That sounds to me like a self portrait of somebody else. I am determined though.

…or more precisely stubborn, and that to the huge detriment of the G.M.S.T!

3.The Trust name is far from “mud” throughout Inverclyde, we are actively working with other organisation in Inverclyde who are quite happy to work with us.
Simultaneously, Paul Gill’s much vaunted ‘relaunch’ was going down like the proverbial concrete parachute. The Trust has never recovered from the clown troupe’s attempted stitch up of Jim Gallacher and never will until the ‘Stars’ matter is brought to conclusion in court.

4.As for the “tabloid exposure”. I’ve been hearing this threat for months. I’m not easily threatened or intimidated. Tell him to put up or shut up. Or do what he usually does and go hide behind a lawyer. He should go and grow a set of balls. The term “big girls blouse” comes to mind.

Mortonjag was not easily threatened or intimidated either, and a tabloid exposé is likely to be published in due course.

5.Our membership is a strong now as has been in the last couple of years, no change.
6.Attendance at our AGM was no different than it has been for years. Mind you I was disappointed as I expected to see a lot of Dr Newalls so called supporters at the meeting. Wonder where they were?

An A.G.M. at which committee members outnumbered ordinary members by two to one but Dunco the Clown saw nothing wrong with that!!

7.“Hanging on for grim death”, I suppose if you are in Glasgow dealing with lawyers on somebody else’s behalf, stuck behind a keyboard writing a blog, dreaming up further mistruths then you are going to get detached from reality.

The only mistruths were Dunco’s very own – particularly those in a signed witness statement which will be published when the time is appropriate.

 What’s very sad here is that a once active mind has been reduced to writing a blog in an attempt to get the recognition he once got for his good work. It must be really hard to admit that you’ve been conned, worse still when you’ve put your reputation on the line.

Mr. Robinson would probably agree if he wasn’t too busy trying to save his own bacon!

 I’m comfortable that it’s not going to go away. The longer its talked about and the more people get to see the facts and figures they will have an opportunity to make up their own minds. The facts and figures don’t lie. If you’re looking for a reason why the “new people” on the board have not given up even after being intimidated on a blog there you have it. 

The ‘facts and figures’ were ultimately submitted in an attempt to ‘fiddle’ a Trust Deed payout to the G.M.S.T. When the Accountant in Bankruptcy stepped in, the ‘Facts and figures’ were summarily chucked out by the Trustee!  

 As I said previously our membership hasn’t deserted us and we are still working with other organisations. I don’t see any of the supposed damage that has been done to our reputation.

This is a figment of a fertile imagination that is desperately trying to justify the position they have taken on a particular topic. Sadly right now there is only one winner and it’s not the Trust or Dr Newall. But of course Dr Newall knows this but he has allowed himself to be backed into a corner. (manipulated more like which must grind like hell).

Maybe he should wake up smell the coffee and stop digging a hole for himself. We will publish our report on the matter along with all the emails and the intimidation that the new board members have been receiving and again we can let people make up their own minds. Writing a blog and repeating the same old story a million times over doesn’t fool anyone, that’s if you don’t count the author.

There is indeed only one winner, Dunco – TRUTH AND JUSTICE!

When will your report be published please, and additionally would you like Mortonjag once again to publish  your numerous intimidating emails to Mr. Gallacher before you and your clown troupe reprehensibly wasted Police time and money in an attempt to incriminate him?

For the life of me I can’t understand how he has managed to get himself into the position he is now in. Somebody must have really pressed his buttons.