Friday, 28 October 2011

Certain individuals continue to be overly distracted by this blog. Those individuals have recently expended time and effort in a futile attempt to discredit Mortonjag, when they would have been better employed concentrating on basic legal principles

Accordingly the Trust Committee, led by Piniccio  Robinson the lying accountant, has had the ‘Stars of ’79’ action against Jim Gallacher sisted, believing that a ‘technicality’ prevents it from proceeding. That ‘technicality’ has been dredged up in a desperate last ditch attempt to avoid a full ‘proof’ hearing in court. So much for the ‘open and shut case’ which Mr. Robinson has milked dry to non Trust members in an attempt to sway opinion and adulterate the truth regarding potential cost to the Trust.

Once Piniccio’s red herring has been disposed of, as it inevitably will be, the case will be recalled, and will either be dismissed with unrestricted costs, (as alluded to by Sheriff Canavan), or will proceed to a full hearing.

Contrary to what has repeatedly been claimed by the desperadoes, there is no ‘hidden agenda’ either on the part of Mortonjag or of other financially interested parties.

Money has been spent in the pursuit of truth and justice. That has been money well spent. After Mr. Gallacher was exonerated by Strathclyde C.I.D.  he had his name ‘dragged through the mud’ by Stuart Duncan and his ‘partners in crime’ in an ill advised attempt to cover up their failed  incrimination of the wrong man.

To this day Sean Donnelly – Mr. Gallacher’s co-organiser of the ‘Stars of ’79’ event –  is unable to account for the four figure sum apparently missing from his ticket income.  Piniccio has flippantly argued that it is ‘not worth pursuing’, while the Trust committee, past, present, and to a man,  appears to be deliberately protecting him (and themselves) from proper scrutiny.

The ‘Stars of ’79’ situation currently stands thus:

1/ The Trust’s case against Mr. Gallacher is likely to fail with the latter being awarded substantial costs, and if necessary suing for any balance of outlays in defending the action. Certain individuals who deny this possibility are merely living in a fools’ paradise!

2/ The Trust committee has neglected a constitutional obligation to pursue Sean Donnelly for missing ticket income – a deficit ADMITTED in writing by Mr. Robinson. The police are aware of the situation and the outcome of the current court action is awaited before any decision is made on further action….

….The truth WILL be exposed in due course, and justice will not only be done but will be seen to have been done.  Nothing could be simpler!