The question of pursuing the other organiser remains open. The evidence against him is less strong and the amount involved smaller.  We are not for writing it off and have asked him for it but he  flatly denies owing anything and so if we are to proceed, it will be  another court case and, to be honest, there’s a question of whether  it is economically viable and I for one, do not want two cases  running at once. The current case is a nightmare on its own! It’s a  work in progress!….

 .…As it happens there has been a significant development which I think will not only bring matters to a speedy end but will also graphically illustrate the the deceit and forked tongues that the trust has had to deal with throughout this whole affair….

 .…No one, however, has challenged my figures in any way that materially alters them. Why is that, I wonder? Why have the opposition tried everything to avoid the actual evidence being heard and have strung the case out on technicality after technicality?….

 ….Anyway, the matter I refer to, subject to verification as I am merely 99% certain and await an official confirmation, I expect will bring matters to a speedy conclusion’