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Saturday 30th January 2010 – Greenock Telegraph.

 No charges in fan cash probe

CASH PROBE: Money went missing at Port Town Hall event.

A POLICE probe into the alleged disappearance of thousands of pounds from a Morton fans’ fundraiser has ended in no charges being brought.
The Tele recently revealed detectives had been called in by Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust after they suspected a substantial four-figure sum had vanished from their recent Stars of 1979 night.
But officers have now completed their investigation – and say no one will be prosecuted.
Detective Inspector John Dearie, of Greenock CID, said: “We interviewed the individual at the centre of it and the end result is there will be no charges.
“There is no criminality we can see at this stage to prove any charges. There has to be a proper paper trail and accounts and in this case that was missing. It is a civil matter between the organisation and individual.”
DI Dearie also confirmed his team had established a small shortfall in funds from the event, which was held in November to honour the famous Ton team from 30 years ago.
He said: “There is a shortfall of a small amount of cash but this is probably due to the haphazard way it was organised.
“The shortfall is not a significant sum and nowhere near the sums talked about initially – it could be accounted for by bad business practice.”
Proceeds from the Stars of 79 night were earmarked for a new football academy which will nurture young players.
Today, Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust said they were ‘extremely disappointed’ by events surrounding the charity night.
Chairman Stuart Duncan said: “The supporters’ trust has organised many successful fundraising events over the years where we have raised a great deal of money that has gone to Morton youth – such as the Champions’ Party in Greenock Sports Centre and last year’s fans’ game at Cappielow, which raised £5,000.

Sunday 31st January 2010 – 
Within minutes of Mr. Goodwin’s posting, Mortonjag received a personal message from John Black.  His sentiments appeared to concur with Mortonjag’s – suggesting as he did that Danny’s statement was ‘nothing short of calling Jim Gallacher a thief’.

Mortonjag was puzzled by what was going on, especially when this posting had already appeared, unmoderated, on Bell’s Comic.

Why was Mrs. Donnelly so upset by the C.I.D. report, and why did Mr. Goodwin seem SO determined to pursue the matter after a full C.I.D. investigation?

As Mortonjag had NO contacts on the Morton scene, (nor for that matter knew Jim Gallacher from Adam) he sent the following to a man whom he perceived to be honest, intelligent, and fair minded – someone he imagined might be able to help find an early resolution before the Trust became damaged further.

Within 48 hours Mortonjag received the following reply:

Hi Ernie,

my initial thoughts on this are strating to change dramatically the more information I get.

What is clear beyond doubt is that there is a lot of money missing.

I would love to think Jim is not in any way implicated in this but I have seen a lot of the evidence that is available to Danny and evidence that others have gathered and it makes grim reading.

Some of the actions the morning after the event raise a lot of questions as well, in terms of why money from behind  the bar was collected at the time and in the way it was.

There is also a substantial amount of “stock” that was removed that is left unaccounted for, and whose whereabouts are now unknown.

There is also a lot of documented emails that make fairly depressing reading from the wee man’s view.

I’ve also had an update on some of the accounts, and I’ve also spoken to several people involved (not Danny) and there is a litany of unanswered questions, strange behaviour and lots of implicating evidence – from the simplistic like “why are free tickets down as an outgoing expense” to the more complicated issues I’ve gone through which are not easily talked away.

I got a PM from Jim yesterday syaing he hoped I still believed in him, and with all my heart I hope he’s right.

But …. the evidence I have seen if fairly damning. I alos received another message from a board member, who has NOTHING to do with this debacle, and indeed is one of the most balanced posters on the board – one I have had zero contact with before –  who was suggesting that this may not be the first time this kind of thing has happened with Jim – a previous Morton Supporters Club he was affiliated to apparently had similar issues – note this is NOT for sharing – not even with Jim –  as far as I know it could be a load of nonsense – but as I said this person has no axe to grind with anyone – and is not involved with either side – although they were involved with the travel club.

I also know that LOTS of people drank for free on the night. “Guests” apparently – although one of them is very well known to me and has never been at a Morton match in his life – nor is he a celebrity/player – just a friend – there were lots of “guests”.

There’s more Ernie – but I still want to think the best. But I genuinely fear for the worst. It’s MY opinion, and it’s only MY opinion, that should a civil suit follow, it’ll be hard to win it for the wee man, based on everything I’ve seen. In my estimation there’s at LEAST £4k that needs to be justified.

By the way, the Trust doesn’t come out of this covered in glory – the ONLY thing I see stopping a civil suit is the exposure and light it will shine on them in terms of mistakes they made and some dodgy deals (VAT) they were pulling themselves.

All the best


John Black must have gone to incredible lengths to collate such a wealth of information in less than 48  hours. Either that or he was privy to information before the completion of the C.I.D. investigation. 

Either way, he unquestionably had a detailed interest in the matter – so detailed in fact that he had already formed a very clear opinion of the likely outcome.

Mortonjag, rightly or wrongly, perceived Black’s response as a deliberate attempt to ‘put him off the trail’. At the very least he had patently bought very heavily into one side of the argument without making any apparent attempt  to seek the other side of the story.

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Do you genuinely think I have nothing better to be doing with my time than make up s***e storiesabout a night I have no interest in nor attended, a court case I have no skin in, and a debacle that has gone beyond all that is reasonable. I genuinely couldn’t give a s***e who wins this tawdry little case, and indeed the fact we’re still talking about it two years later speaks volumes not only for those involved, but those on here who just can’t help themselves…..

….. But if reports are true – it’s for a small amount of money – and both sides should have finished it early.There are enough people who offered to mediate between the two parties only to try and work a solution – but there is now a bigger agenda at play – and that sadly involves this board.

Yet again Mortonjag challenges John Black to NAME those ‘people who offered to mediate’.

Mortonjag also challenges John Black to spell out the ‘bigger agenda which involves the board’…..

…..and until John Black does, Mortonjag will continue to publish extracts from his correspondence files.