Saturday, November 27, 2010
From the Secretary: Trust Board meeting, 25/11/10 @ The Square
Having recently realised that my Gran’s I.T. skills outshine my own, I’ve been thinking about how best to use this blog.  One productive way of using it, I think, is – in my capacity as Trust Secretary – to keep people up to date with what has been going on at monthly board meetings, starting with November’s meeting at The Square (Cathcart Square, Greenock: 25/11/10)
The meeting kicked off at 7pm, was attended by myself, Paul, Craig, Danny, Stuart (chair), Nick, Allan, Sean, Ross and Jim, and we had a quite lengthy agenda in-front of us.
Nick gave us an update on the Stars of ’79 Night issue.  As is well known, this is a sensitive matter, currently in the hands of solicitors, and not one which is appropriate to discuss on a public forum.  For that reason, there is nothing more that we can say except that things are progressing and that (regardless of what you might read elsewhere) whenever, however the matter is resolved we will provide a full written report, from beginning to end, covering all facets, for members to scrutinise.  That is a promise you can keep me to!  We thank you for your patience on this, and hope you agree that any report before the matter is resolved would be premature, and in no one’s interests.

THE QUESTION: (To Dr. Chris McCorkindale)

Chris, the perception among ‘Morton people’ is that this matter was long since ‘dead and buried’, but there has never been official confirmation. What was the outcome of the ‘Stars of ’79’ court action brought by the G.M.S.T. against Jim Gallacher?

THE CHALLENGE: (To Dr. Chris McCorkindale)

Chris, in terms of your promise, Mortonjag challenges you or your successor to update the G.M.S.T. membership. 

If the matter has been concluded, what was the outcome, and if not, when may we expect ‘closure’?  

Mr. Gallacher was discharged from his Trust Deed eight months ago. What was the Trustee’s decision regarding the Trust’s claim?