Mortonjag is thrilled by the response to his rekindled blog – not least because so many are asking privately what REALLY happened to the Stars of ’79 fiasco.
It’s no surprise that the genuine folk – most of whom have long since given up on the bully boys of Bell’s Comic – are confused when a pathological liar and inveterate con-man like John Black has only recently been telling them that the matter is long since dead.
How can it possibly be dead when two gentlemen of impeccable credentials have promised the following?
Saturday, November 27, 2010
From the Secretary: Trust Board meeting, 25/11/10 @ The Square
Nick gave us an update on the Stars of ’79 Night issue.  As is well known, this is a sensitive matter, currently in the hands of solicitors, and not one which is appropriate to discuss on a public forum.  For that reason, there is nothing more that we can say except that things are progressing and that (regardless of what you might read elsewhere) whenever, however the matter is resolved we will provide a full written report, from beginning to end, covering all facets, for members to scrutinise.  That is a promise you can keep me to!
Sunday, November 28, 2010
From the treasurer: The Stars of 79 affair
Along with Chris McCorkindale, I am effectively leading the trust’s efforts in this connection and am very limited in what I can say about it for legal reasons.  Like our new secretary, however, as soon as the matter is resolved one way or the other, I will publish a full report on what has happened.

……and so Mortonjag’s response has been quite simple. Just keep an eye on the Trust website.

It hasn’t been updated in almost a year but as soon as Nick and Chris have something to report we’ll all be ‘first to know’.