From: jim_gallacher7@hotmail.com
To: nrobin9415@aol.com
CC: ernie@neautox.co.uk
Subject: RE: GMST
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 10:06:24 +0100

Good Morning Nick
I hope you don’t feel I’m being forward by sending you this E-Mail. Obviously it was myself that put the figures together and despite the claims of your fellow committee members I can assure you that I didn’t steal £2890 from The Trust. 
This is the latest figure my lawyer has now received which will be the THIRD different amount stated since I left the police station in which both parties agreed on my original figures which show a deficit of just over £1400.
I’m prepared to take a gamble, the reason I say gamble is because you are on a committee of men that’s wanting to take me to court and at the moment both parties are communicating though lawyers. I’m therefore offering to meet with you and go throuigh the figures with you, explaining what I can.
Unfortunately tomorrow I’m unavailable as I’m on the social committee in my work and I’ve organised a family day on The Tall Ship, with 80 people in attendance.
I’m available anytime on Sunday, morning or afternoon, if you are.
Alternatively I can meet you next week sometime but Monday and Wednesday I’m unavailable.
It’s imperative that our meeting is kept strictly underwraps and under no circumstances can any of the trio know we’re meeting.
Please remember Nick I asked several times to meet with these guys and all my requests were refused, so if they find out we have a meeting planned they will pull the plug on it, however I think we’d both agree that it’d be better to get round a table and talk openly rather than through lawyers.
I look forward to your response.