Nick Robinson made it very clear that if he became involved in the Stars of ’79 finances he would only do so on an ‘independent reporting accountant’ basis, though in a previous email he had appeared somewhat concerned about doing things through what he described as ‘official channels’. He also made it very clear that help would have to be ‘wanted’ and would be provided on his terms. Help was wanted and his terms were that he would be independent of either party.

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, 2 February 2010 8:13 PM
Subject: The Trust/investigation

Hi there,

I have in fact offered my services to the trust to have a look at the numbers and report but if I do get involved, it will only be through official channels… 

…I hope the above does not sound to officious but this is a very delicate situation and I am willing to help but only if my help is

a) wanted
b) on my terms

Nick Robinson

Business Recovery and Insolvency Services

There was no further discussion with Nick from ‘Jim Gallacher’s side of the fence’ for more than three months as other factors supervened.