Paul Gill and Mortonjag had shared emails long before the Stars of ’79 event. When it became evident that Trust Chairman Stuart Duncan intended to resign to concentrate on his Youth Academy, Paul ‘offered his services’ as a replacement. Mr. Duncan was agreeable though it is not clear if all other committee members were.

Paul had become upset by Mortonjag’s blog attacks on ‘The Trust’ – they were of course directed at only three individuals – but by way of emails he and Mortonjag eventually agreed that the latter would ‘soften up’ his blogging to allow Paul to sort out the ‘Stars’ problem internally. Here is one such email:

Paul seemed genuinely determined to get things sorted ‘from within’ and to that end Mortonjag soon received the following:

From: Paul Gill [mailto:paul.gill01@btinternet.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 3:29 PM
To: ernienewall
Subject: RE: Forthcoming Greenock Morton Supporters Society Committee Meeting.
Hi Ernie,

I have discussed this with Stuart at great lengths and basically this is what he has said:

‘By the look of his correspondence he may see you as the middle man, new blood with no axe to grind, which is true. As I said, if he has evidence that we haven’t seen then I would be delighted to see it.

I have no axe to grind I only want the truth and right now I’m only get one side of the story as Mr Gallagher has stayed quiet ever since we started asking him questions. He appears to be defending Mr Gallagher with only his side of the story . I’d love to hear it, so my invite remains, anytime, anyplace,  anywhere.

Why don’t you go back to him and offer to be a go between. If he has evidence I have not seen that exonerates Mr Gallagher I would be delighted to see it and if it stacks up against what I’ve already seen I’ll do my level best to make sure Mr Gallagher is shown to be innocent in the eyes of all Morton supporters. You can’t be any fairer than that. 

I have no axe to grind in this, I just want to get to the truth. 

Again Ernie, in strictest confidence I am offering you the olive branch as is Stuart.

Believe me I have grilled him on such events and have indeed put some very direct questions to him.  Whilst I personally believe that some people may not be totally innocent in this I do believe that Stuart is on the level.  I have said to you and to others on the message board that I have every intention perssnally of getting to the bottom of this, if indeed Jim is innocent then I, not Stuart, Sean or even Danny will see that justice is done but it will be me that does this as that is the very thing that I intended to do by coming onto the board.

Ernie, can I suggest that we perhaps meet for that drink, tea, coffee or beer whatever your preference?  It will only be me nobody esle and I give you my complete assurances that we together will get to the bottom of this.  I want the ROT out of this committee as much, if not more than you do – truthfully.

Ernie, I can meet you wherever you like and whenever you like.  You can even have someone with you if you like as I have nothing to offer other than a peacemaker in search of the truth.

What do you say?  My number if you wish to make contact first is ***** ******, my work number is **** *** **** and my home number is ***** ******.

I am genuine Ernie, I honestly am and I want the truth to come out.  I actually bumped into Jim whilst I was out on Saturday evening and let on to him.  As Stuart says, I have no axe to grind, you should know that.



While Mortonjag was extremely wary of Mr Duncan’s agenda, Paul  seemed genuinely committed to resolving the issue internally and to that end a meeting was arranged – a frank and amicable meeting which lasted for well over two hours. 

Subsequently Mortonjag agreed with Paul that (as a Trust member) he would construct a formal letter to be addressed by the Trust committee at the forthcoming meeting – a letter which would highlight issues which needed resolved in order to ‘put the ‘Stars’ problem to bed’. Paul promised to use that to ‘make things happen’, pointing out that the Chairman was obliged to deal with questions from the membership.

During the course of that meeting Mortonjag discovered for the very first time that Nick Robinson was one of the new committee members, and had already been dealing with Trust finances. The idea was mooted that it might be wise to let Nick cast a professional eye over Jim Gallacher’s accounts, as he (apparently) was of a like mind to Paul, and eager to get the Stars business resolved.