There were literally DOZENS of emails from which the Trust committee published just one which appears to show their  victim offering to repay £1,500. 

AS THE LIAR TRUST ACCOUNTANT ROBINSON desperately tries in vain to distance his innocent little lambs from the wicked ‘Old’ Trust committee, Auld Shoogly’s lapdog forgets  that they ‘ALL SAW ALL OF THE EVIDENCE’!

That evidence included the emails in their entirety. That is what they had been asked to do at the watershed meeting in June 2010 where they voted unanimously to pursue Jim Gallacher. 

Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2010 7:00 AM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘Paul Gill’; ‘C Dunsmore’; ‘’; ‘McCorkindale, Chris’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘ernienewall’
Subject: Trust Committee Meeting – Thursday 24th June 2010.

Importance: High

24TH JUNE 2010: F.A.O. Nick, Paul, Craig, Scott, Chris, Ewan, and Ross.

This is sent to you all as the new Trust committee members. I’ve excluded Gordon as he was personally involved in the aftermath of the ‘Stars’ event.

We are fellow Trust members with equal democratic rights. I object strongly to ‘cloak and dagger’ instructions to my elected representatives. THE TRUST HAS NO BOSS, yet unthinking respect for authority has been the enemy of truth from the outset.

Within the last forty eight hours, Stuart Duncan has openly discussed details of the ‘Stars’ evening with a non –Trust member. Please use that as your guide. It has been documented. I’m happy to meet with any of you should you wish to question me on anything, and any comments you make through any medium will be treated confidentially.

I suspect that at tonight’s meeting your attention will be focused on the actual evening of the ‘Stars’ celebration, and on the latest spreadsheet which was recently ‘cobbled together’. There is MUCH, MUCH MORE to be considered. The latest attempt to ‘nail  the culprit’ is something of a red herring.

The figures from both ‘sides’ are largely based on estimates and on circumstantial evidence. For example, much ‘mileage’ has been gained from an estimated ‘phone bill of £250, when on the other hand, the Trust’s Bar Income figure appears to have been plucked out of the air!

Going to Court could prove to be a very costly error for the Trust, and certainly requires a mandate from the Membership. The published rules are very clear on that. WE ARE A DEMOCRACY AND MUST BEHAVE DEMOCRATICALLY. In constitutional terms, independent audit can be sought at a future date if that is believed not to have been done.

A crucial piece of ‘evidence’ which may be put to you tonight concerns the sum of £600 (in used £5 notes withdrawn from the tombola) which Stuart claims was paid to one of the speakers. The story does not hold water, and will not stand scrutiny in Court. That is a fact and I’m willing to explain the reasons to any of you in confidence.  

In the original accounts submitted to the Police BY THE COMMITTEE, the same item of expenditure (which was actually £650) was assigned to J.G. and was not disputed.

Stuart now insists that he ‘REMEMBERS’ the details correctly, while conceding that they are ‘hard to prove’, whereas Jim Gallacher’s version has remained consistent throughout. Stuart has also produced at least six figures for his ‘deficit’, three of which have been in formal statements implicating J.G.

Strathclyde Police C.I.D. spent several weeks investigating the alleged theft. They had been informed that J.G. had ‘had had to come by a large sum of money to pay for water damage to his flat’, when in fact the damage was covered by his insurers! Background checks were run on him, and his employers were interviewed. Eventually they discounted criminality citing ‘bad business practice’ on the part of the Trust. At that point they indicated that the likely deficit was of the order of £1400 to £1500 – less than a third of the sum originally demanded of J.G. All of that has too readily been dismissed, in what I make no apology for describing as a subsequent and sustained ‘internet witchhunt’.

With regard to J.G.’s integrity, you are probably all aware of the recent allegation on implicating him in a previous irregularity. I have since seen a statement from an independent third party which completely exonerates him. Again I’m happy to discuss details with any of you confidentially. J.G. works as a buyer for a large oil tanker company, and in the course of his employment he is involved in substantial monetary transactions.

Something which should concern all of us as Trust members, and which I believe should be questioned this evening is Messrs. Blair and Bryden’s professional situation. They claim to represent ‘The Trust Board’, when in fact they have taken instructions from at best three individuals in a committee of fourteen.  MOST EMPHATICALLY, THEY CANNOT CLAIM TO REPRESENT THE MEMBERSHIP. That will be put to them by J.G.’s solicitor within the next few days if it has not already been done. When he contacted Blair and Bryden to discuss recent correspondence and figures, he was told that the lawyer concerned was on annual leave. I believe he returned to the office yesterday.

My concern as one of your fellow Trust members has always been that justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done. The Trust is currently in a perilous state. If it is to survive, I believe that Stuart, Danny, and Sean must start to put the interests of the Membership before personal matters.

There is an easy way and a hard way to bring the ‘Stars’ debacle to a conclusion. The latter will probably kill the Trust. With that in mind I sincerely ask you one and all, irrespective of any differences or misunderstandings we may previously have had, to insist that before any decision is reached on further action you are made privy to every item of email correspondence between the ‘Trust’ and Jim Gallacher, and to ALL of the pertinent legal documentation.

I’ll willingly provide copies of those documents to you individually. They portray a very different picture from that which has been deliberately publicized, and I’ve already explained more formally that the terms ‘extortion’ and ‘blackmail’ have been used by J.G.’s solicitor.

I’ve suggested that tonight your attention may be deliberately focused on the events of the evening itself and on the ‘Trust’s latest version of the figures. As a fellow Trust member I advise you to think VERY CAREFULLY about the following information.  I believed from the outset that something was being hidden, and Stuart has always claimed that a ‘deficit’ exists for the night. He may well be correct, as available figures appear to indicate that £1400 to £1500 of ticket income was not banked. J.G.’s ‘ticket money’ has been accounted for. Sean was responsible for the rest
…It’s for all of you as a committee representing all of the members to ensure that things are now done in a manner which involves as little further damage as possible to everyone involved, but more importantly TO THE TRUST. You are responsible for your actions on behalf of a Membership which expects you to safeguard its interests. I ask you to take that responsibility very seriously tonight.

Ernie Newall.

Fibbing ROBINSON is far too quick to claim that his ‘new’ committee had ‘nothing to do with the shambles presided over by Stuart SCOTT Duncan’.

The truth is that the pathological liar completely ignored Mortonjag’s heartfelt request and chose to rely ENTIRELY on often false information obtained unquestioningly from ‘the old brigade’ from which he had avowed independence when he ‘conned’ Mortonjag and Jim Gallacher into releasing figures in good faith. 

No sooner had ROBINSON obtained what he (thought he) wanted, than he arrogantly blanked a sincere offer by his intended victim to ‘go through the figures’ with him, and within a couple of weeks he had formally ‘discharged’ Mortonjag from negotiations into which the latter had been tricked by (now nowhere to be seen) ‘Chairman in waiting’ Paul Gill 

Documents in support of the above statements will be duly publicised.

ROBINSON then ‘massaged’ those newly obtained figures beyond belief to suit his devious plan. That he resents the description ‘LIAR’ equates to Hitler attempting to justify the holocaust! That he describes the man who will continue to expose his ineffably devious lack of morality and professionalism as ‘suffering from mental illness’ merely rubber stamps that shameful amorality!

With Shipmanesque detachment from professional ethics, ROBINSON even mentions ‘THE’ email in his official court accounts, where he also presents as a proven FACT the entirely uncorroborated and patently perjurious allegation that Stuart Duncan handed Mr. Gallacher £600 – something which was apparently first thought up many months after the event and is strikingly absent from those ‘meticulously examined’ figures the Trust provided to the C.I.D!

Even more ludicrous is the fact that in his final of umpteen sets of fiddled figures, for the very first time,  and without a whisker of supportive evidence -ROBINSON has ‘deemed’ Donnelly to have put £210 of ‘ticket money’ (all in five pound notes) into a bucket!
Already published are only a few of the many emails and documents Mortonjag will make public over the coming weeks!