There is no getting away from the fact that the unfortunate events surrounding the ’79 night and its aftermath have left a dark cloud hanging over the trust for a number of  months now, and this must be a concern both to current and potential members. At the June board meeting, it was decided that two recently co-opted board members, Nick Robinson (a qualified accountant), and Chris McCorkindale (a legal academic) should form a subcommittee, along with Sean Donnelly (who was involved in the night itself), in order to review all of the evidence pertaining to that night. This review is currently ongoing, and nearing a conclusion, at which point the sub-committee will recommend the next steps which it believes ought to be taken to bring this very sensitive matter to a satisfactory resolution. As soon as a conclusion is reached, the board will give a full account of the event and its fall-out to the members, as well as the steps being taken to ensure that these problems are never repeated. In the meantime, the board thank you all for your patience.