The following posting was removed within minutes of publication.

Why are you doing NOTHING about a substantial PROVEN ‘debt’ more than twice and arguably FOUR TIMES the size of the £253 I held in safekeeping and in good faith for my fellow Trust Members after the Chairman refused to allow payment into the bank account. 

This is VERY SERIOUS Nick.

I just want treated fairly and I want the Trust membership to know what’s really going on. You admitted at the S.G.M. that he has a debt of £535, but my figure’s show over £1000, so to keep it fair let’s split the difference. That’s EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS you have a RESPONSIBILITY to pursue for the Trust membership Nick. Why are you doing nothing?

Just in case you’ve forgotten, in the final paragraph of that letter you’ve just quoted you said: –

‘Finally, I should like to confirm that I do not ascribe all of the losses arising from the Stars of 79 evening to Jim Gallacher, and the figures and explanations resented to us by Mr. Gallacher concerning Sean Donnelly, at the meeting are helpful to my ongoing investigation. That there are other matters not related to Jim Gallacher under investigation has been the case since the start of my involvement and insofar as a reasonable case can be made, recovery will be pursued.’

So, I now put it to you for the third time.

What ARE you going to do about my co-organiser’s debt Nick??