In Greenock Sheriff Court today, Sheriff Herald rejected an incidental application by the defender’s solicitors to have the G.M.S.T.’s sisted action against Jim Gallacher recalled.

The proof will not now be heard until Mr. Gallacher’s Trustee has adjudicated – some three years hence. 

It is believed that the Trust’s claim will be rejected by the Trustee, who has stated that the cost of investigating the claim is likely to nullify any award to Mr. Gallacher’s true creditors.

Today’s decision by Sheriff Herald changes nothing. The Trust will in due course be obliged either to proceed with its action, or to drop it. 

Those who have followed the ‘Stars of ’79’ fiasco with interest will appreciate that this is a stalling measure by the Chairman of the G.M.S.T. They will draw their own conclusions as to why the Trust is afraid to have it’s own action decided in court.

The Trust MUST ultimately win the case to avoid the risk of substantial costs being awarded against it.