The ‘Stars of ’79 fiasco’ is no longer about anything other than the ego of Nicholas ‘Piniccio’ Robinson – a devious and unprofessional liar who has used the event to establish a power base at the Greenock Morton Fans’ Trust. 

In June 2010, while he was persuading a gullible committee that he would ‘nail’ Gallacher with ease, Piniccio wrote to a Trust member:
‘Court action will require to be backed by the board as a whole.  That backing is likely to happen unless the board are aware of evidence which suggest it should not.  In the absence of such evidence, in many ways the trust’s reputation is seen as far more important than any financial settlement.’
Taking Mr. Gallacher to court , it seems, was all about protecting the trust’s reputation.
Piniccio’s ‘open and shut’ case will never see the light of day in court , and that’s not because Jim Gallacher’s lawyers have taken cold feet. 
Despite a bond from a benevolent third party guaranteeing  the Trust’s money should it win, the committee is now TERRIFIED to have its own action heard before a sheriff. The bully boy train has finally hit the buffers.
They have NEVER had a case worth presenting, but more significantly, despite repeated misinformation from Piniccio’s  ‘boy lawyer’ poodle McCorkindale –  THE TRUST NOW STANDS TO LOSE A FIVE FIGURE SUM IN EXPENSES! 
Furthermore, what ‘evidence’ they do have is  ludicrously circumstantial, contains shamefully perjurious statements by committee members, and is further hampered by Piniccio’s ‘forensic analysis’ – laughingly described by the independent accountant commissioned by the defender as ‘The stuff of fairy tales.’ 
The Trust committee is now well and truly hoist by its own petard, but arrogant to the end it recently declined a ‘minimal cost’ dismissal offer because that would have involved publicity and an apology to Mr. Gallacher.
‘Mr. Chairman’ is now tasked with finding an escape route from a trap of his very own making, and when ‘Tricky Nicky’s last throw of the dice goes ‘tits up’ and ‘Willowgate’ is splashed all over the newspapers, Mr. Robinson will be unable to pretend that the ‘madman’ did not warn him.
Does anyone think I like having pictures of me hanging from a tree or having pictures of my house and other personal details published or being called a liar by a man who does not understand the concept of truth!. Regrettably, there is little I can do about that as you cannot win an argument with a madman.’